Used this site for 3 years but never participated here

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Hi everybody.

Well I started using this website back in 2011 and loved it. I started at 218 and then lost 40 pounds in the first few months. Ever since then I have just fluctuated between 175 and 195 and never gone lower than that. I started focusing really hard again back in early September and have lost 15 pounds since then, but the past few weeks I've not been doing so good.

I've never been under any illusion that my being fat has to do with anything other than my own choice, but sometimes I have such a hard time bringing myself to care. I'll fall into these mental states of thinking, "Why does it even matter?" or even worse "why do I deserve to be happy?" I've always been easily discouraged also, and while I've gotten better that's still a part of me. In the past I'd mess up the healthy living for one day and I'd give up entirely. Now, if I mess up it seems to linger for weeks or even months before I get myself back on track.

I'm trying really hard to take every day as a new opportunity to make good choices. I want so many things - to feel attractive, to be a good role model for my daughter, to be able to do outdoor activities without getting exhausted - but I just can never seem to get there. I know the only thing standing in the way of accomplishing this is ME and it's incredibly frustrating. Anyway, I just would like to be more of an active presence on this site and have more focus/motivation on healthy eating and living.


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    Congrats on the first step. Acknowledging the issue(s). Best reason you have: " to be a good role model for my daughter". When I could not fit in the amusement park ride harnesses and got winded walking to a trail head while on vacation - THOSE were the signals for me. I didn't want to be that Dad that only had memories of watching my kids do stuff... selfishly, I wanted good memories of US doing stuff. Also the kids to have good memories of Dad being with them.

    Working so far. Years of work to get there but worth it.
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    I just came back a few weeks ago after originally joining a couple of years back. I couldn't agree with you more that our weight situation has nothing to do with anything other than our own choices. And returning to MFP and finding supportive friends is a choice you have made so leveraging it to the max is key. I find that I start everyday now in a different frame of mind. I still see each day as a challenge, but it is a challenge I look forward too.

    I hope you have great success.
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    Congratulations on coming so far on the journey without the support of others on MFP. The fact that you're reaching out now will help you, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but it's a step closer to what you'd like to achieve. All I can really say is keep on going, sometimes it takes a while for our minds to be ready to emotionally lose weight and get fit. Focus on showing your daughter what's healthy and your body and mind will follow suit.
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    I'm about 195 now and I would love to get down to 175. When you are lighter you can do more, right?
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    I echo everything you said. I joined MFP a little over a year ago and had never been involved in the community. That changed about 4 days ago when I decided to try posting on some forums and meeting new people and it has really helped me. It helps me feel connected to others who are on this journey with me and I feel like that is something I was missing over the past year. Congratulations on your success so far and I wish you luck reaching your goal! You're on your way and maybe being a more active member on MFP will give you the support, motivation and push you need to get past 175! You can do this and we're all here to help!
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    giddy up and get it done
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    Thanks for the encouragement, guys. I'm hoping this "sense of community" feeling helps me be successful, as well as being held accountable and having strangers watch my progress (or lack thereof), haha. ;)