Mindless eater trying to break bad habits

I suffer from impulse control issues. So I can't have just a handful of chips. I eat the whole bag. I can't eat one slice of pizza, I eat five or six or the whole pie. I can't drink one beer. It's like the floodgates open and I sit and drink the entire 12 pack. I'm 40 years old, 5'11 and 214 pounds with a big, unsexy belly in front. My Dr. says my cholesterol is out of control. My wife is worried about my health. It's time to fix it.
A few years ago I quit drinking, fast food and did a lot of juicing and got down to 190 lbs. I felt great. But then I started eating bad again and put it back on. The usual diet yoyo. Permanent lifestyle changes are hard.


  • sciberrasjjj
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    You sound a lot like my hubby. He binge eats at night mostly. He is about the same height and weight as you but is a little older. The best way he lost weight was eating mostly frozen meals so he didn't have to worry about portion control. He is an emotional eater and that is always hard to deal with. Good luck and stay with it.