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What are you doing to prepare for 2015 goals?

IndependentMeIndependentMe Member Posts: 181 Member Member Posts: 181 Member
I am spending these last few days of 2014 trying to clear my obstacles to success. Since financial stress causes me to withdraw from healthy habits, I cleaned my desk yesterday. It was painful. But I put together a new budget, made and excel sheet to keep myself in check, and created a system for incoming paperwork. Today I am removing my "reading chair" and side table from my room, that has turned into my drink wine and snack and hide from world chair. In its place I will put my treadmill, and will have room for yoga mat. I am also planning on organizing cabinets, cleaning up house a bit, creating a workout schedule on my calendar, shopping for quick healthy go to meals for when on run. What are you doing to prepare?
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  • tamtam518tamtam518 Member Posts: 5 Member Member Posts: 5 Member
    I have been on and off MFP for a while but have never become a part of the community and discussions, so for me this is my first step. I've realized I have plenty of motivation but I'm so independent I didn't think I needed support, so I'm hoping to find support buddies that can help me stay on track and continue to move forward.
    I am also taking time to get everything organized so that I have no excuses. I've prepared a daily schedule and am still working on menus that I should have completed soon.
    I am determined to make 2015 my year of successes, physically, personally and professionally!
  • TheSatinPumpkinTheSatinPumpkin Member Posts: 955 Member Member Posts: 955 Member
    Mostly plan my daily schedule so i can fit in my exercises.
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  • PattieFHPattieFH Member Posts: 6 Member Member Posts: 6 Member
    Reading motivational posts, taking a tip from independentme and preparing an exercise corner

  • Megsw89Megsw89 Member Posts: 17 Member Posts: 17
    I am cleaning out my cupboards and fridge on December 31st of all unhealthy items and going shopping for all healthy food. I am working on menu's until then and getting myself back in the routine of Pilates and the gym. So also doing an exercise schedule. I like the idea of cleaning up the physical clutter from closets and belongings to start fresh. So that's what I'll being doing :)
  • 47Jacqueline47Jacqueline Member Posts: 7,034 Member Member Posts: 7,034 Member
    I'm finishing up loose ends. Also changing my YMCA membership from one club to city-wide. Finishing the first read of a personal training manual in prep for an extensive effort starting Jan 1 for a Feb 22 deadline. Getting prepared to drop the 4lb I gained while recovering from a broken leg in October.
  • fitcrtfitcrt Member Posts: 76 Member Member Posts: 76 Member
    I purchased a new workout DVD & a healthy cookbook. I am planning a workout schedule & need to clean out the fridge/freezer/pantry too =0)
  • SimonCypherSimonCypher Member Posts: 254 Member Member Posts: 254 Member
    When I joined MFP I was really focused and determined to get my fitness back on track, I started well but lost the motivation. I log on just to keep my streak going, however when I was actively checking what's going on I found that reading my friends posts would put me in the right mindset to keep going. I know I'm one of many saying the old 'New Year, New Me' motto, but this time I really am! Purchasing a FitBit Charge HR device when released, cleaning out my cupboards / freezer. Re-writing a workout plan at the gym and also cutting out the drink are my main priorities. I hope that everyone can find the motivation they require to get to their goal(s) as I know at times it can be tough. Good luck :smile:
  • IndependentMeIndependentMe Member Posts: 181 Member Member Posts: 181 Member
    Love these ideas. Thanks everyone. FitBit will be my gift to self when I get to 20lbs off, I am earning that much wanted piece of equipment!
  • yoovieyoovie Member Posts: 17,261 Member Member Posts: 17,261 Member
    sign up for all the scary races
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