Motivation fading in the middle of the week

Monna2 Posts: 100 Member
I have to lose about 45 kg.
I try to aim at 2 kg per week as I still in my first month. But I somehow feel that I stop losing weight in the middle of the week. And because of this my motivation fades, especially that the road seems soooo loooong.
How did you manage to deal with the feeling that you still have a lot to lose?


  • Branstin
    Branstin Posts: 2,320 Member
    Set small goals and push yourself to accomplish them. The more you do it, the easier it will be to do. Time is going to pass regardless so ask yourself how do you want to approach it.
  • debubbie
    debubbie Posts: 767 Member
    I think it is better to break it down into smaller goals instead of looking at it as, "I have so much to lose and nothing is happening." Focus on losing about .9kg a week instead of 2kg as that is hard to do on a sustained basis, and it is recommended that you don't try to lose more than that if you want to keep it off long term.

    You may want to using other goals as motivation too instead of just the number on the scale. I find that the scale can be demoralizing when I have put in a lot of work and not seeing anything happening according to the scale. Our bodies don't lose weight in a linear downward fashion and can fluctuate up and down based on many factors like water retention or TOM.

    Are you weighing and logging your foods? Are you eating or not exercising during the middle of the week that may be causing you to feel that you are not making progress? What is your goal and plans for losing weight and maintaining that loss?

    I started this time last year with 132 pounds to lose, or 60kg, to reach my ultimate goal weight. I lost 48 pounds of that in 12 months, not exactly where I wanted to be but I made progress and became more active during this time. I have changed my mindset to focus on non scale victories instead of the number on the scale and that has proven to be more liberating and motivating that I thought possible.

    I think some ways to stay motivated when you have a lot to lose is to keep a journal of your measurements each week or month, weight once a month, your exercises (strength training and cardio), and an update of how you are feeling. When you get to feeling low you can look back to see what all you have accomplished. I have looked over mine the past few days and see that I have dropped 48 pounds, completed several races, lost 5 inches from my bust, waist, and hips each plus some inches from my arms and legs. I can lift more during strength training, last longer on the elliptical and bike, and do more pushups than I could at this time last year. Focus on fitness related goals instead of weight loss goals as you will always improve fitness wise if you keep working out. I think if you work towards your fitness goals and eat at a calorie deficit you will see the weight come off. Plus, the fit of your clothes can be a great motivator when they start to get too loose to wear!

    I wish you nothing but the best as you work towards your goal this year. Feel free to add me if you would like some support.
  • jiagetsfit
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    Motivation is only the fuel to get you started. After that, discipline will get you through. You have to make exercise and calorie counting a habit, a ritual and be consistent in practising and patient to see the change.
  • 999tigger
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    Set yourself realistic targets amd manage your expectations otherwise you are setting yourself up to fail.
  • DianePK
    DianePK Posts: 122 Member
    My philosophy is that every journey begins with small steps. I'm breaking it up into smaller achievable goals, such as getting to 75kg, then under 70kg and 65kg, then 60kg which is my goal. I have to lose 20kg so i look at that as a journey of 20 or so weeks, as long as I stick to the plan. I have lost weight before but it was using weight watcher's points system, which they changed and so it wasn't easy to maintain. I also had an accident which affected my mobility, and thus here I am again 4 years later needing to lose 20kg. I like MFP because of the community, friends, trackers and flexibilty and it depends upon kilojoules which are on every packet so I don't need to subscribe to a paid program.
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