One month with MFP. This is working!

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After I had my second child, I became convinced that my metabolism was hopelessly broken and that I simply could not lose weight. I often had the thought that if there were some method to track my intake I could take that information to my doctor and surely she would prescribe something to boost my thyroid. (All my tests were normal) My latest attempt at weight loss, a starvation diet including one meal per day and antacid tablets a couple times per day, yielded a 40 pound drop, which came back in six months, and made my hair fall out. I’ve done a lot of denying over time. (Did I mention my second child is 21?) I came upon MFP a month ago and decided to try it. I’m a perfectionist by nature and the simplicity of logging in a food diary appealed to me. After 30 days of consistent logging, I’ve lost 8 pounds, during the holidays, and without exercise because I have a muscle tear at the moment. My recommended goal was 1 ½ pounds per week but I wanted to shoot for two. So I adjusted my calorie allowance to 1320 per day. I almost always have a few left over. I am simply amazed. My metabolism isn’t broken. I realize now my food choices were awful. MFP keeps me accountable and honest with myself. My biggest fear is reaching a plateau. But logically, I know that if I take in less calories than I use, eventually I will have to drop more weight. I’ve lost almost 20% of my initial goal. By next summer I want to look and feel amazing.


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    Congrats !
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    Welcome to MFP!! and yes it does work.
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    Congrats on your success so far Sharon! I've been with MFP just a week and am already hooked for all the reasons you described. A brilliant tool plus an online community of like-minded people to hold you accountable.... recipe for success!
    Look forward to reading about how amazing you feel next summer ;)
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    Great Job.
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    Love what you said: My metabolism isn’t broken. I realize now my food choices were awful.

    So true!

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    Yup! Well done, it works! I, too, like the discipline of logging. My food choices have not changed much (mainly because I was eating pretty healthily to start with) but I eat smaller portions, and more importantly I move more. I started a C25K program and my exercise (logged by Endomondo) links in to my calorie goals.

    I am near my goal weight, having lost 32lbs, so the rate of loss is slowing down. But I feel a lot fitter, I can run 6 miles and my resting heart rate has gone from around 80bpm down to 60bpm.

    Good luck with your journey!