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Just try, you may surprise yourself!

I've always lurked in the background on these forums, but I feel I have something to share now :)

From being about 3 I think I've always been over weight, and I've never really known what it is to be skinny or normal sized. Like most people, I'd make the same New Years resolution to lose weight, and it'd last maybe a month tops, and I'd be back to eating the same rubbish, sitting in the sofa watching telly.

I honestly don't know what changed my mindset this year, maybe I was just fed up of failing, but I stuck with it. Small changes at first, counting calories, slowly cutting out junk food and takeaways, slowly adding exercise in...

It was hard at first, I won't lie, but the main thing is to realise it's not a fad diet, it won't last a week or a month. This is a lifestyle change, it's forever, and I'm glad I figured it out!

So here's my progress, 3 and a half stone lost in one year :)


If I can do it, anyone can!
All it takes is for you to try :)


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