Challenge Group looking for participants!!!



  • MartinaMcCausland
    Can I join please
  • xSammyKayx
    I'd love to join. Hoping that a group will keep me on track!

    Obviously I'm cutting it close in terms of start date :s
  • westcoastchic
    westcoastchic Posts: 22 Member
    Looks like I'm too late... but maybe not?
  • Fipsie
    Fipsie Posts: 50
    suspense is killing me...! ;)
  • Chandler330
    Chandler330 Posts: 378 Member
    I would love to join :)
  • sigsone
    sigsone Posts: 311 Member
    Would like to join if there are any more opens. Thanks

  • fancycakemaker
    fancycakemaker Posts: 57 Member
    I'd like to join!
  • znaoiec
    znaoiec Posts: 1,988 Member
    If I can still be added, I would love to join. Thanks! Michele
  • ilex70
    ilex70 Posts: 727 Member
    Just spotted this. Jumped on this morning because I plan to start a 100 day weight loss journey tomorrow. Lost 100 pounds in 2012, was feeling okay with about 20 pounds regain but added another 20+ and it has to go. Have to take it one day at a time. Please add me if there is still room. Thanks. :)
  • sumofRactions
    sumofRactions Posts: 16 Member
    If there's still room please add me I'd love to join
  • bkennedy8q
    bkennedy8q Posts: 1,420 Member
    lmc8009 wrote: »
    I have added all of you. Invitations are going out now so check your notification bell to accept.

    There is very limited space left if anyone is interested. I expect to be closing off signups sometime tomorrow morning.

    I am new to the site and do not see a notification. Could you please let me know what team I am on and where to find the notification?

  • yellowradiates
    yellowradiates Posts: 35 Member
    May I please join.
  • MartinaMcCausland
    I've checked my notification bell and still no invite :(
  • misscaligreen
    misscaligreen Posts: 819 Member
    PLEASE PLEASE add me!
  • YoshiCow
    YoshiCow Posts: 77 Member
    If this is still open I'm definitely up for it :)
  • ecgotfit
    ecgotfit Posts: 16 Member
  • tanishaelizabeth724
    hiya would love to join this if there is still room and time? :)
  • lmc8009
    lmc8009 Posts: 9,190 Member
    I have been out all day today and haven't had a chance to go thru all these requests yet. I am going to do my best to accommodate spots for everyone up to this post. I won't be able to get your invitations out until later tonight or tomorrow morning, but I will send as soon as I can.

    At this point I'm closing registration because I think all teams are full. If you didn't get in and are really, truly interested please feel free to private message me and I'll be happy to let you know if a spot becomes available or put you on a list for next season!
  • scoutzmcgyver
    I'd like to join! I know it starts tomorrow and know I'm incredibly motivated, have a 30-35lb loss by March goal I've been aiming for! Perhaps If someone has to drop out at the last minute?
  • Jrdswife904
    Jrdswife904 Posts: 29 Member
    I would love to join....Is there still time??