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Here I go again

SummershowalterSummershowalter Member Posts: 49 Member Member Posts: 49 Member
So I have been attempting this weight loss thing for a while now. I have had my ups and downs. I had my most success when i worked with a trainer. I achieved a 25 lb weight loss, and got under 200 lbs. I have been able to keep some of that weight off but not all of it, and financially a trainer isn't for me right now. my motivation is slipping and on top of that i am an emotional eater/drinker. I love me some Dr. Pepper. Crazy thing is that it doesn't matter what my emotion is i love food. I guess i am looking here to find some extra support and maybe someone that can help encourage me or just plain kick me in the tail. I want to feel good in my skin. I’m just not sure how to get back to where i once was.


  • Train4FoodzTrain4Foodz Member, Premium Posts: 4,298 Member Member, Premium Posts: 4,298 Member
    Hey there,
    Firstly, it sure sounds like you have the motivation to do well there. You just need that direction, that's where the awesome people here at MFP can help. There are so many people that I'm sure will be able to relate and support you on your journey!

    Part of this journey is realising that no food or drink is 'bad' but should be consumed in moderation.
    As far fizzy pop, there are so many 'free' versions of most of our favourite drinks that contain so much less sugar and calories. That could be worth you looking into!

    Your relationship with food is something that you can change day by day, you just need to look at the great progress that can be made and the healthy lifestyle you can have.

    I wish you all the very best!

  • thegreatcanookthegreatcanook Member Posts: 2,423 Member Member Posts: 2,423 Member
    You can do this! Add me and I'll cheer you on!
  • ClaudiaM2015ClaudiaM2015 Member Posts: 10 Member Member Posts: 10 Member
    Hi Summer!

    Well see it from this angle: you have downloaded this up, you are in the right place which means you have already made the steps in the right direction! You message sounds like me!! I have lost weight over the years many times but it seems that overall the trend was to always put back on more than I lost. The weight slowly creapt back on...while motivation and feelings of self worth went down. The most I lost was 13kg (Just under 2st) over a period of 7 months. But guess what....I'm back where I started 3 years on...

    We both need this! We both deserve this!

    Let's make this the last time we lose this weight!!
  • yoovieyoovie Member Posts: 17,261 Member Member Posts: 17,261 Member
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