Treadmill or elliptical

MIM49 Posts: 255 Member
Treadmill or elliptical. Pretend that these are the only exercise/workout options available. No walking, running, bike, DVDs, etc. Only these 2 options. Which would you choose and why?


  • canadiangirl014
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    I prefer the treadmill because I find I can get a better workout, tailored to me. I can do an incline, speed it up and run or just walk. I find the Elliptical too restricted and boring. Maybe I don't use it right.. I know a lot of people who love it.
  • 40andFindingFitness
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    I prefer the treadmill but I love the burns from the elliptical. So.. no rhyme or reason here.
  • luvbwfc
    luvbwfc Posts: 107 Member
    Treadmill, just because I much prefer jogging as an exercise.
  • andielyn
    andielyn Posts: 233 Member
    Elliptical for me because I prefer low impact. And I have one at home. B)
  • Jruzer
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    Elliptical. Easier on the knees and you can push your arms too.
  • beamer0821
    beamer0821 Posts: 488 Member
    elliptical hands down

    i can go longer on the elliptical and just feels like a smoother motion and easier on my body.
  • stemmingthetide
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    Treadmill- high calorie burn - less time
  • tchell99
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    I alternate days on each (to save my knees from too much running), so please don't make me choose!
  • Sery18
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    I enjoy both, but elliptical is easy on my knees and I burn more calories than walking on the treadmill. I like to switch it up and do treadmill for 2 days, then hit the elliptical hard on day 3! Do what you LIKE and enjoy!
  • Mallyycatt
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    At first i wasn't sure about the elliptical, but now, I cannot STAND a treadmill. It took me about two weeks of dedication, but like i said, now i can't stand the treadmill!
  • xcalygrl
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    Depends on my mood.

    Elliptical if I'm going for low impact.
    Treadmill if I feel like walking fast or running.

    90% of the time I choose the treadmill.
  • lishie_rebooted
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    Treadmill. More versatile.

    You can walk, run, do hills. Do side stepping and backwards walking for physical therapy.
    Plus your skills on the treadmill are useful and transfer outside, all the elliptical does is make you better at the elliptical
  • InnerFitChick
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    I find I burn more on an elliptical machine, then again I am not the best runner. I use both though. (Well I will be)
  • Hornsby
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    Treadmill, because if I am putting in work I want it to be for something functional (running). The elliptical doesn't fall into that category.
  • jpaulie
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    elliptical, have both but only do that now. Way easy on the knees, works a little more upper body, tend to burn more cals
  • Ibknute
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    I started out just on the treadmill in order to get back into the habit of working out. After about a month I switched to using the elliptical as I can get the same burn in a shorter amount of time and as others have stated, it isn't as hard on my joints (6'4" and currently 360 pounds). I now do a mix on my cardio-only days but lean towards elliptical over treadmill. Both allow you to customized resistance/incline and a few other settings. I do not run so that aspect of the decision between the two does not really apply to me. If I had to choose only one it would be elliptical.
  • CallMeCupcakeDammit
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    I do HIIT on the elliptical after I lift (because I can go from fast to slow without having to push a button a dozen times to get from one speed to the next), and I use the treadmill for C25K and walk/run intervals.
  • Francl27
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    I like both. Intervals are much easier on the elliptical, but the treadmill is more versatile. I alternate, personally, although treadmill has been limited to walking at an incline since running injured my foot a month ago and it hasn't improved yet.
  • MsMargie1116
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    I usually stick with the Elliptical... my gym has the ones with the bars that move with you, and the one without the bars (not sure if that's an elliptical, too or not). I do intervals on the elliptical and my heart rate gets up there, too!!! I can't run (pain in the knee), so I find I get a better calorie burn on the elliptical.