Your hometown temperature today



  • angf0679
    angf0679 Posts: 1,116 Member
    -21C (-8.5F) with the windchill here in the HRM in Nova Scotia.
    That's actually about 8 degrees higher then it was a couple days ago.
  • khkjkk
    khkjkk Posts: 55 Member
    5 F, -15 with wind chill. They cancelled school, as that is ridiculously cold for this area.
  • favoritenut
    favoritenut Posts: 217 Member
    Rochester Minnesota is 1degree with about 30below windshield with wind gusts about 30-40mph now, suppose to get up to 40-50mph later today....hang onto your hats!
  • RoxieDawn
    RoxieDawn Posts: 15,489 Member
    Montgomery, AL 14 with wind chill 3. My dogs slept me last night! That was fun - LOL
  • jaxass
    jaxass Posts: 2,128 Member
    I don't think the weather gods know this is's not suppose to be this cold. :'(
  • FabulousFantasticFifty
    FabulousFantasticFifty Posts: 195,833 Member
    So much nicer today it's currently 43* Yay!!! :relieved:
  • BehindtheMic
    BehindtheMic Posts: 1,736 Member
    -2 this morning in Kentucky
  • _JustDG_
    _JustDG_ Posts: 1,584
    A sunny seven degrees today in Southwest Virginia!
  • lborsato1
    lborsato1 Posts: 1,011 Member
    -15C here in Alberta Canada
  • kerrieh28
    kerrieh28 Posts: 2 Member
    37 Texas
  • trazter31
    trazter31 Posts: 51 Member
    -8 in Massachusetts Brrr....
  • MKEgal
    MKEgal Posts: 3,252 Member
    edited January 2015
    Here in Milwaukee, WI, the noon news is showing a temp of 1 degree F (above zero), but wind chills are -25 to -35.
    Most schools are closed today. Should have closed yesterday too, because it was only a couple degrees warmer.
  • decblessings
    decblessings Posts: 113 Member
    It's warmed up to a balmy 1* F this afternoon here in Ohio, but -20 windchill.
  • shrinkinginQualicum
    shrinkinginQualicum Posts: 131 Member
    It's a mild 3 celsius - that's 38 in American ;-) - but we are stuck in a fog bank. Haven't seen the sky for 3 days now.
  • sweetbamaTLC
    sweetbamaTLC Posts: 170 Member
    Central Alabama: Low temp this morning of 11. Currently, 22. {Brrrrrrrr}
  • Sharon_73
    Sharon_73 Posts: 189 Member
    With wind chill -39C this morning!
  • RobynSmithIBECHS
    RobynSmithIBECHS Posts: 86 Member
    I am in SouthEastern NC. It's 20 for a high with a -4 wind chill at 1:10 pm. No gym today. No anywhere today, in fact.
  • Kitship
    Kitship Posts: 579 Member
    A sunny 78 degrees!
  • Calliope610
    Calliope610 Posts: 3,771 Member
    31 at noon in Central Texas. A brilliant blue sky, lots of sun, very light breeze. The makings of a beautiful day! :)
  • theskinnyonme
    theskinnyonme Posts: 444 Member
    currently 9 here in southeast ohio with windchill its -5. I think our high for today is suppose to be 13. Kids didnt have school today because of the windchill for awhile its was -30.