What are your new year resolutions for 2015?

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Hope you all had a wonderful festive season :) Happy new year to all :) Do you make new year resolutions, and reach them? what are your new year resolutions for this year 2015?


  • ToniaH75
    To lose weight and quit smoking. So far i am 27 days smoke free!!
  • 111grace
    111grace Posts: 382 Member
    wow, that is amazing :) quitting smoking is tough keep it up, :) cute family pic :)
  • salembambi
    salembambi Posts: 5,592 Member
    to fall even more in love with myself
    and be braver with dealing with all my medical problems
  • 111grace
    111grace Posts: 382 Member
    May God give us strength and love to overcome our issues and achieve victory :)
  • yoovie
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    I have a lot of deep-seated ugly personal issues masquerading as demons running circles in my heart and head, each year I tackle 2 harder ones, the ones I have to tackle this year are the 2nd and 3rd worst ones I have.

    and to complete at least 3 more tough mudders.
  • eddiesmith1
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    i don't generally set them specific to new years but to when i'm ready for change, i quit smoking 16 months back a year back i quit drinking for 6 months while \i focused on weight loss. I decided at the end of October (the 289th to be precise) to quit drinking permanently as It has always been a weakness and the way i went back to it after 6 months proved it to me.
    the closest i have to a resolution is stay not drinking and lose 30 pounds and be able to run 10 k by fall
  • snarlingcoyote
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    edited January 2015
    1. Unless I am sick (have the flu right now, for example) or injured (and doctor says can't/shouldn't), to run 3 times a week.

    2. To run a 5K in under 30 minutes.

    3. To wear the same shorts I always wear to WDW in September.
  • doomspark
    doomspark Posts: 228 Member
    In 2015, I am going to:
    1. drop (and keep off) at least 20 lbs.
    2. start and complete the C25K
    3. NOT fall off the wagon during the end-of-year holidays.
  • MLLeFever
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    In 2015

    1. Lose the weight (again) the healthy way
    2. Not to let my ocd take over and weigh myself 27 times a day
    3. Not obsess over mistakes with eating
    4. Use my education properly and not swing to extreme restriction again.
  • dominicgamutan
    dominicgamutan Posts: 42 Member
    Lose 60+ pounds, go to the gym, study more, try not to be so much of a know-it-all
  • healthyinpink
    healthyinpink Posts: 87 Member
    To burn fat and fit back into my pre-college jeans that are waiting for me under the bed!
    And to stick with new healthy food AND exercise habits.
    Manage stress during the semester so I don't put on more weight.

    Good luck to all who posted above! :)
  • switchbladesister
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    My new years resolutions are...
    • Lose 20 pounds as a start.
    • Drink more water, and cut down on sugary drinks.
    • Get back into therapy and go at least once a week.
  • 111grace
    111grace Posts: 382 Member
    I think if all who posted here got together our combined strengths would punch the daylights of all our weakness!! So here's to all our strengths achieving victory this year. :) For those who already have victory over their crap!! 3 cheers to you :) we all know how hard addictions are!! and the most difficult thing to overcome and get straight is whats going on in our head!! May God grant us the strength of mind and heart to overcome and be a blessing to ourselves and others.
    Love, Peace and big Hugs to all {{}} :)
  • AnemoneWoodshadow
    AnemoneWoodshadow Posts: 13 Member
    I have bought myself a bikini, i want to be able to get into it by summer and stay being able to get into it at christmas (unless it gets too big :smiley: )
  • fizzleh
    fizzleh Posts: 71 Member
    2400 x 1080

    and also to loose weight
  • mrazon1
    I am going to
    1. eat healthy and stay active
    2. get enough sleep at night
    3. quit sugar and gluten
  • heididoesit
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    My resolutions are to get my kids to school on time and to pack my lunches and snacks for work everyday so that I can make better choices :wink:
  • 111grace
    111grace Posts: 382 Member
    My 2015 resolutions victories, GOD willing are:

    1. I am Responsible for my GOD given artistic creative talent & do something about it everyday, NO EXCUSES!!. Love & delight in creating art everyday. 7am, 7 days a week.....
    ( ie as soon as I get home, I am going to take about a week to get home long road trip).

    2. Not make weight lose my focus. Just record my calories & try to be under my calories, (Big NB: not to buy any sugary crap, because if I have it in the house I eat it, & go for walks when I can). & reach my goal weight, by eating clean God blessed meals.

    3. No movies from Mon to Thur, Art only, Friday Almighty study and Saturday night movies only till 11pm. & sketch while watching movies. Internet only 2 hours. 5pm to 7pm

    4. Get 6 to 8 hours sleep(9/10pm) & make this God blessed water a priority in my blessed life.

    5. Reduce my debts to myself, a life time of neglected talent!! 20kg!! movie addiction!!, ignore family stress!!/ sadness!!, Excuses!!
    2015, sorry is a positive action word today, and if I don't reach my goals its a character reflection!!

    6. God I pray give me the strength, focus and Love and delight to bring Abundant Happiness, Health and Abundant success into my blessed life.

    7. Grow a strong & Happy, Love and delighting personal relationship with the Almighty GOD, if it is possible?
  • fuhrmeister
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    I don't really make resolutions. I seat goals and plan how to achieve them. Which is a resolution but better :) My top 5 are:

    1. To be faithful to God and serve other
    2. To always work on my marriage to make sure it continues to be a joyful as the first 6.5 years have been.
    3. to go another year w/o using a credit cards
    4. to pay off more debt
    5. to finally get under 200lbs and reassess my weight goals from there.

    Good Luck with your resolutions everyone.