Hellooooo! Today I'm sick, but excited to live a more healthy lifestyle!!

I've always been "in-shape" but 40 hit and I literally says, forget this. I've always worked out and starved, I'm going to enjoy life.... With that, I've eaten and drank EVERYTHING I wanted, and exercise, I did none. Well, now I'm 50 pounds overweight ( 5'5", 192). I feel flabby - yes, but it's also the weakness and loss of energy that really bother me. So, I'd like to set some short and long term goals to help me drop 50 pounds (60 would be the dream). I have a wedding to attend in June and a dress to buy. My goal is to lose 20-25 by mid June. That's about 1.5-2lbs a week ...

... Am I scared? Yes! Am I dreading the work? Yes! Am I sick of seeing pictures of myself looking, well, very large? Yes!! Am I tired of being out of breath walking up stairs? Yes! Am I shocked at how heavy things are (that used to be easy to lift)? Yes!! Am I willing to make changes in my life? YES!!!

So, I'm now 5 days into the first week and I'm sick. Hey, I'm still making it work (I will face more roadblocks) and it will be a day by day journey.


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    You can do this! I'm setting smaller goals also. By my fiance's birthday in April I want to be 25 lbs lighter and eventually loose 70 total.