Looking for supportive friends

Hey everyone. I'm looking for some new fitness friends. I'm on daily and offer support and motivation back to you. :) I'm 29 currently at 213lbs, started at 231lbs and my goal is 160


  • T1me4Change2015
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    You are more than welcome to add me, I'm always looking for new friends on here too ;)
  • sigw94
    sigw94 Posts: 20 Member
    Feel free to add me, we can help each other :)
  • kaseasteele
    kaseasteele Posts: 86 Member
    Feel free to add me. I love friends who motivate :)
  • Frayde
    Frayde Posts: 321 Member
    You may certainly add me. I'm also on daily...kind of obsessively really.
  • DaisyChain80
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    I'm new to this don't know how to add ppl? Feel free to add me
  • LeFemmeFantome
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    I look forward to working towards our goals with all of you!
  • ThePrincezz
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    Feel free to add me I too am on daily
  • NewIve
    NewIve Posts: 14 Member
    I have VERY similar starting point and goal. I am a single mom to a newborn and can use all the support I can get. Let's do this!! :-)
  • heathervo
    heathervo Posts: 36 Member
    I'm brand new to this but would love to add friends for motivation as well! Great job by the way already on your weight loss, that's awesome. I'm not sure how to add but I'm going to try and anyone else interested please add me as well, thanks so much.
  • Add me...looking for friends for motivation :)
  • Hey really could use the support. I lost 70# of by 160 goal, gained 40 of it back after losing my dad. Just started getting back on track, any encouragement would be greatly appreciated.
  • mkemmis73
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    would love to be added as well. I am always looking for more inspiration, and try to help inspire others too!
  • deztinee760
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    Everyone here may add me and I will do the same. I'm new so support is always a plus!!!
  • sliptwister2000
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    I'm new to this and in need of huge supporters. I don't know how to add supportive friends but I can try and who would like to help me shed my 260 lbs to 200 lbs that would be great! I gained all my weight back after I quit smoking 2 yrs ago n I'm stuck. I live with two boys my boyfriend n my teenager so they like to eat grr please help
  • I have two friends on here and one of them has been inactive for years! Lol. I'd be more than happy to have more!!! ^.^ I need all the motivation I can get.
  • hollyrayburn
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    I need supportive friends too! Ones that will smack my hand when I'm TOOO bad lol. XD
  • tburgess242002
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    Feel free to add me if you want to also need motivation and support and are looking friends to do that with
  • FitKelly23
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    Add me. I need motivators too! :smiley:
  • hezzie92
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    Feel free to add me - I need some supportive friends too! :)