How much do I look like I weigh?



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    do you lift heavy? I say 150.
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    About 130
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    I'd say 125 tops (and that's only because of your height). I would have said 115 if I didn't know your height.

    I am also a former model. I was 95-97 lbs my whole life. Gaining over 100 lbs in the past 3 years really took a toll, physically and emotionally. I look at my photos and sulk (not really but you get what I mean).

    You are still tiny. Honestly, if this is what you look like after gaining weight, I can only imagine how thin you were and it was probably in your best interest to have gained some weight.
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  • 147
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    117 - You look excellent.
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    lol lol lol lol

    Major fail at trying to attack/insult the OP.
  • 160?
  • 140ish
  • williams969
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    I have a similar body composition (and I'm 5'6"). I'm guessing you weigh what I weigh.

    PS. People IRL always guess 10-15lbs LESS than my actual weight (YAY, Muscles!).
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    Like 130 I guess?
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    You're my same height and build looks similar to me, but my legs are a little more muscular. I'm going to say 138.
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    Hmmmm, everyone's body is different and each person holds their weight different. Try checking out You can see other women with the same height, age, and weight as you.
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    138lbs is my guess. Whatever it actually is, it appears to be the right weight for your frame.
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    I was going to say 125, but what do I know. Beautiful, so that is all that counts.
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    Errrica91 wrote: »
    I somehow CANNOT help but wonder how other people see me.

    Other people don't see you as a number on a scale. They notice the color of your hair and eyes, your smile, the clothes you wear. They get impressions based on your attitude. If they know you well, they see the things they love and value about you, and maybe the things they don't. They DON'T know your weight, your clothing size, or your measurements... and they're not wondering about these things. I understand personally wanting to be a certain size and shape, and my measurements matter to me too, but I think it's important to recognize that the numbers associated with your body don't matter to anyone else but you.