Hiking the AT

A few years ago my wife and I decided we were going to do something I have been talking about for years; hike the Appalachian Trail. We've been somewhat preparing ever since. And now the time is almost here. We leave mid-March and plan on being gone maybe six months. Its 2189 miles, 13 states and I forget how many mountains. Doesn't matter though because we're doing it regardless. We're carrying our tent, stove, food, everything we need on our backs.

Anyways, before I get any "TLDR" we entered a contest. Winner gets some nice new gear and food including 192 Lara bars. We're dehydrating most of our food now in preparation for this journey and those bars along with the stuff sacks and other gear will go a long way towards helping us complete this.

2189 mile. That's about 12 miles a day, every day for six months...

Bottom line is I'm asking you to go to the link I'm about to post and click on the 'like' button. And watch the videos there if you are so inclined. I think you can even vote for more than one. I'm cool with that. We all have a dream. We're going so I already feel like a winner. But getting some extra help never hurt anyone.




  • eemmerson929
    eemmerson929 Posts: 27 Member
    Done. This is a current long term goal of mine also. Just started with the interest and research after reading "Wild". Already had "Appalachian Trials" on my Kindle. Reading "Walk in the Woods" now.
    I am 50 now and trying to figure out when I can do this before I am too old.
  • trackercasey76
    trackercasey76 Posts: 780 Member
    That is a retirement goal of mine as well, Good luck and have fun!! friend request sent!
  • JeffGDDG
    JeffGDDG Posts: 252 Member
    You're never too old. I was just reading about a woman who did it a few years ago at age 72. Thank you. A Walk In The Woods is what got me interested several years ago.
  • uconnwinsnc1
    uconnwinsnc1 Posts: 902 Member
    Done a few day hikes in CT on the AT. It is nice, although, there are some mighty weird people who hike it.
  • missbp
    missbp Posts: 601 Member
    Good luck! I aspire to hike the 91.5 miles of the AT that run through my home state of NY.
  • JeffGDDG
    JeffGDDG Posts: 252 Member
    I'm looking forward to hiking NY and maybe even running into some weird people. Birds of a feather, I suppose ;-)