I'm so hungry today. I'm trying not to overdo it but I'm eating everything in sight! It came out of nowhere I was fine up until now. Aah!

I think it might be hormonal. How do women deal!?


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    yep, it happens, go work it off.
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    How big a calorie deficit do you have?
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    Sigh...definitely motivation to hit the gym!

    I eat between 1300-1500 a day usually...I don't work out all the time though.
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    I have to up my calorie intake at TOM and focus on eating more protein which my body seems to crave, just listen to your body,
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    Yep hits me a couple times a month. It doesn't seem to derail me though, even when I go way overboard, lol.
  • Believe it or not, eating a bowl of oatmeal really gets rids of that hunger pain. I also keep a bag of popcorn in the cupboard to much on.
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    During TOM I up my calories to maintenance. That way I can pretty much let my hormones do what the need to do but know where my upper most limit is.
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    I tell myself if I've gotten that hungry I've done something wrong, usually mucked up a calculation somewhere. It can happen if I have a very protein-heavy meal with no carbs - huge energy dip - or I just eat too small. Hunger is a sign you need to go look at your meal plan again :)

    I keep some cooked roast chicken in the fridge at all times, to snack on, make sandwiches from, just snarf on when the hunger comes. That helps. Fage Greek yoghurt too, but I can see you've already discovered that!

    Do you think a larger breakfast might help? I'm most active during the day (a lot of walking) so I eat a pretty decent breakfast and my meals get smaller as the day goes on (that classic line about having breakfast like a king and dinner like a pauper.)
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    I totally get like this! I try to plan and prepare by keeping healthy snacks around. I've also done some research on how I can make things I crave healthy so I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything. Also, ensuring I consume enough protein and fiber is essential. And when in doubt... if I want a darn bag of M&Ms, I'm eating it. Because I'd rather work it into my diet since it is something I enjoy than feel so deprived that I binge and then feel miserable and hate myself later.
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    Chezzie84 wrote: »
    During TOM I up my calories to maintenance. That way I can pretty much let my hormones do what the need to do but know where my upper most limit is.

    Does it work? Like, does your weight change? (besides the bloating of course).
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    You might try increasing your protein intake a little and see if you stay full longer. Also, it wouldn't hurt to go over to Scooby's workshop ( and try to figure out if you're eating enough. I'm 5'9" and lose .5lb/week working a desk job and eating 1800 calories.
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    I just can't believe you can lose weight and eat that much that is so crazy! I'm just going to eat more and see what happens I can't take this anymore!!! Aaaah!
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    I just can't believe you can lose weight and eat that much that is so crazy! I'm just going to eat more and see what happens I can't take this anymore!!! Aaaah!

    She is 5'9" though. Don't know how tall you are. Makes a difference.
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    I'm 5'6.5" and 149lbs. I've been eating from 1300-1400 calories a day but today more like 1584 and yesterday I had 1800 cause there was free pizza in front of me :(
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    Some days are like that. Hungry from the moment I wake, until the minute I go to asleep that night. Nothing seems to fill me up on those days- so I'm trying to remember that fact and just eat enough to quell the hunger signals. I have no idea why this happens-it doesn't seem to follow any pattern. It can happen on days when I'm a sloth or days when I swim like a fish. Luckily it doesn't happen too often.
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    I know what you mean, I've always had those kind of days once in a while. It's bizarre - my body must be craving a certain nutrient.
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    Hungry is your bodies way of telling you it needs energy. Hunger is not the enemy.

    Go check out scooby's calculator as recommended above. I am losing 0.5kg per week as well eating 2300 a day at the moment. I'm 5'8", currently 238lbs. I lift heavy 3 days per week, walk the dog twice a week and do about an hour of cardio. The amount I eat will decrease as I lose a bit more fat, but it is looking like settling at about 1800 - 2000 per day at current activity levels.

    You have to nurture your body. Anyone will lose weight by severely cutting calories...but it will be water, fat and muscle mass. If you have been restricting your calories for a long time, as soon as you go back to normal levels of eating - such as yesterdays 1800 - your body will grab and hold to fuel your body while it has the chance.

    You can up your calories and still lose. Expect to put on a little bit to start though - you need ot be patient while you gain your bodies trust that you aren't going to starve it again. Then your weight should settle, and if you eat a small deficit, you will start to lose.

    Scooby's calculator will give you a calorie amount between your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) and your below your BMR and you are starving yourself. Eat at your TDEE and you will maintain. Eat in between and you will lose weight slowly while nurturing your body.
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    I get ravenously hungry about a week before my TOM. This has nothing to do with what I have or have not been eating previous to that week. It's hormonal. If this is the case for you, I'd up the cals to maintenance (1800-1900 for me) and don't be too restrictive in your snacking.

    It's usually only a day or two, and I tell myself one day of high calories won't make you gain weight just like one day of calorie restriction doesn't make you lose weight. It's okay, just don't do it all the time!
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    quick!!! Get to the store and get foods you can binge on.
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    Read this and then went downstairs to get a snack. Oops.