Saving room for alcohol?

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I should start out by saying, I probably have one alcoholic drink per weekend night. However, I am not sure how to "manipulate" my calories so that I don't go over my calorie allotment.

How do you balance this? Do you exercise more? Eat less? Drink extra water to flush it out? Or just go for it and not worry?


  • sizzle74
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    One drink twice a week? That's what? 150-200 calories each day? Either cut that much food those days or workout to burn it. Treat it like any calorie.
  • I was actually a pretty,shall we say, enthusiastic drinker of alcohol before going on MyFitnessPal. I liked my wine and usually drank it every day. I find it is actually relatively easy to stick to my daily calorie goal of 1200 calories as long as I don't drink wine. If I only had one glass it would be OK, but once I start I usually have 2 or 3. So my deal with myself has been no drinking alcohol at home, period. If I go out, I allow myself to drink, but not more than twice a week. Vodka with seltzer and lime is only 64 calories so that is the best to order at a bar, for me. We went out to dinner last night and I had two glasses of wine but made up for it by ordering a very healthy dinner of grilled salmon and steamed vegetables and kept under my calorie limit. If you only drink one drink per night only on weekends, if you fit it into your calorie limit it should be fine.
  • Also, on weekends I like a good breakfast with eggs, etc., so I usually skip lunch except maybe for an orange or some other piece of fruit. During the week I either have fruit or a veggie/fruit smoothie for breakfast and then eat a more substantial lunch. So far it's been working for me, I'm down 4 lbs. since the first week of January.
  • tigersword
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    If it's just the two drinks, don't even worry about it. Track it and move on. Two drinks per week will not derail you. Unless they're 1000 calories each and you wipe out your entire deficit, but that's not likely. Possible, but not likely.
  • Chieflrg
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    I drink 1-5 drinks a night along with a lot of ice job burns a lot of calories, I usually don't worry about calories as much as macros when I'm bulking. IF you want to eat or drink, do just be a bit more active to do so.
  • laurelobrien
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    just make room in your day for the number of calories in your drink...? why is it different from anything else you track?
  • tzipfit
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    If I plan on drinking I cut out all my snacks for the day. That usually opens up enough free calories.