how often should i do a weigh in?

i was thinking once a month so i wouldn't get discouraged. but its been a week of healthy eating and exercise. would i see a difference?


  • cwolfman13
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    This completely depends on you...I weigh in 3-5 times per week. For me, data points are important for meaningful trend analysis.

    You may or may not see anything on the scale over a week, a lot will depend on natural weight fluctuations. The important thing is to weigh in using the same scale, at the same time of day, and under roughly the same conditions and watch the trends. Trends are more important than the actual number.
  • andrewsg45
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    what are trends? im very new to this, trying to learn as much as i can to meet my goal
  • marsellient
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    Everyone is different. Do what you find suits you. I need to weigh in every day to keep myself honest, but if you choose to weigh in daily you must be aware of fluctuations in your weight and look for a downward (I'm assuming that's the goal) trend, not daily losses. Others find daily weigh ins stressful and only weigh themselves once a week, or even once a month.
  • psychofairy25
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    Personally. I weigh in once a week, but another part of trends other than same scale, same time of day, is clothes, if u wear a thin night gown one morning and jeans the next the weights wil be off more, i often forget for a few min then have a mi,u freak before i realize some mornings. But good luck
  • leeloo54
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    No more than once a week. Weight can fluctuate for LOTS of reasons (what you ate, how much, what time of day, how tired you are, hormones, how much liquid you've had, if/when you've worked out, etc. etc.) and checking every day won't give you useful information. If you can, just once a week, maybe even once every other.
  • AllOutof_Bubblegum
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    Once a week worked well for me.
  • GeorgieKay2013
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    Make sure you weight your self at the same time of the day.

    For best results DO it first thing in the morning. After you get up. Go to the toilet let the liquid out and then you jump on the scales. And make sure you wear same/ similar clothes.

    Like that you can do it everyday. Ones a week is also good.

    There is no point to weight yourself during different times of the day. You will not get a good read.
  • PammieSuzyQ
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    What I do for a correct weigh in every time:

    in the morning directly after I awaken,
    BEFORE I eat or drink anything at all,
    I Pee,
    Strip down completely,
    and Then step on the scale, centering myself and standing up straight.

    Make certain that your scale is on a hard surface, you have no idea how many people weigh themselves, scales on a rug. If you have a hard ceramic tile floor like I do, put the scale on a single tile so that it is on an even surface.

    I suggest you weigh yourself only ONCE a week, anything more than that will make you go a little crazy. Then I'd suggest Friday mornings. Why? Because you will have worked hard all week and Friday will show it best.

    You might find another day of the week better, I have a friend using Mondays because it reminds her not to cheat on the weekends. Hear everyone out, find your own way. We all walk our own walk.