What is your longest streak on MFP?



  • awinner_au
    awinner_au Posts: 249 Member
    willnorton wrote: »
    1850......one thousand eight hundred and fifty....... day by day

    wow... 290 here.

  • walkonfire5
    walkonfire5 Posts: 648 Member
    Just joined, 5 days woop woop hehe
  • 2essie
    2essie Posts: 2,864 Member
    897 here and counting :smile:
  • fire7ice
    128 days so far though I haven't actually lost much weight on here (lost more weight before starting calorie counting on MFP - especially on my gastroenteritis/IBS 'diet' ha). Weight loss stalled when I started some cardio exercise.
  • redpandora56
    redpandora56 Posts: 289 Member
    i have a terrible habit of getting to about 40/45, then missing a day over a weekend when I'm away or something and resetting it. so since I joined a few years back, i think i've had like 10 40ish day streaks, and a number of 20-30ish day ones... i'm currently on 14 days.
  • mrandolph69
    mrandolph69 Posts: 197 Member
    1243 as of today
  • mcguvs
    mcguvs Posts: 49 Member
    1158 Today
  • mush490
    mush490 Posts: 12 Member
    These numbers are inspiring!
  • NasMax
    NasMax Posts: 138 Member
    mush490 wrote: »
    I just started (again!), so I'm at 11 days. I plan on keeping the streak going for as long as possible!

    why do you think you're struggling with this so much???
  • Sued0nim
    Sued0nim Posts: 17,456 Member
    This is the first time I have worked out that MFP is for life (first joined up in 2012 but didn't really use it)... and that maintenance is about logging to maintenance calories

    I'm 44lbs down on day 229

    and I have no plans on ever stopping logging, I am trying to see it as a modern day lifestyle change .. I am always on the internet, even on holidays, so it's no burden to log, and logging means I have to weigh my food, and weighing food means I know when I have to batch cook .. so no big surprises going on

    an impressed by those who have committed already and are already seeing over 1000 days logged... BAM!
  • RaspberryTickleChicken
    483 & counting
  • randomtai
    randomtai Posts: 9,003 Member
    598 days as of today.
  • bukowski_shine
    bukowski_shine Posts: 70 Member
    day 1 and counting
  • Want2bthin135
    Want2bthin135 Posts: 30 Member
    This time I'm at 22 days. I've logged everyday since starting this time.

    Wow I'm impressed at the number a lot have done.
  • juliet3455
    juliet3455 Posts: 3,015 Member
    There is a counter reset : https://www.myfitnesspal.com/account/login_counter_reset_request

    that you can use to correct your counter data. When I go away for camping/hiking/climbing or skiing in the mountains I keep a paper record and then update MFP when I get back to the wired world. I then use the tool to correct my counter. If I am offline for 2 weeks or more I don't bother to reset my counter. It's more for when I am away for a few days.
  • Amanda4change
    Amanda4change Posts: 620 Member
    Today is day 139.
  • slimgirljo15
    slimgirljo15 Posts: 269,451 Member
    willnorton wrote: »
    1850......one thousand eight hundred and fifty....... day by day
    awesome achievement....such dedication is amazing:)

  • willnorton
    willnorton Posts: 995 Member
    thanks slimgirl
  • rtrcarrie
    rtrcarrie Posts: 50 Member
    823 and counting
  • kportwood85
    kportwood85 Posts: 151 Member
    241 this time. I had a 150 day streak, but then was traveling and couldn't check in. But, as soon as I got home, I started this streak.