Arctic Zero Ice Cream?

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I love ice cream like I'm sure a lot of you guys do too! I recently found "Arctic Zero" ice cream at the grocery store. It tastes ok and has some organic ingredients on the label. Does anyone else know of that brand? Is it good or bad? Thoughts?


  • RodaRose
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    It is good if it helps you keep calories down. Have you tried Skinny Cow too?
  • AngelZealot
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    RodaRose wrote: »
    It is good if it helps you keep calories down. Have you tried Skinny Cow too?

    I have tried Skinny Cow as well and love it! I just thought I'd try Arctic Zero because it didn't have too many carbs ;)
  • diannethegeek
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    It tastes like frozen water and their nutrition labels apparently lie. I did not finish the pint I bought. Only time I've ever thrown out ice cream.
  • pimpin_po
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    I liked it!
  • cynthiamm67
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    I also thought it tasted like frozen water. But I love so delicious!
  • GiveMeCoffee
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    Absolutely disgusting, threw away the pint after 2 bites.

    Don't abuse your taste buds just because something is low calorie
  • mxmkenney
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    Someone told me about Artic Zero and how amazing it was for super low calories. I was expecting the holy grail of ice cream. I was not impressed. Sorry, I'd rather eat a smaller portion of the real deal than a whole carton of that stuff.

    Don't know if you have a soft-serve frozen yogurt shop near by that carries WOW COW brand, but that stuff is really great. It has 11 calories per ounce, lots of yummy flavors, (my fav flavor is Oreo cupcake) and doesn't have that weird aftertaste that the Carbolite versions have. Plus it is CREAMY - not icy like Artic Zero. Totally worth it if you can find it!
  • loribethrice
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    What does it taste like?? For 35 calories I can't imagine it being good!
  • neanderthin
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    Lets get one thing straight.......... it's not ice cream, ok, carry on.
  • UnicornAmanda
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    I've never tried it... I wouldnt try it either. Its not real ice cream. Not to mention, who knows what kind of artificial ingredients are in it.. Yuck, Id rather fit real ice cream into my day. But if it works for you, that's good. One of my friends was really excited to try it, and said it was disgusting.
  • randomtai
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    :sick: No I would rather a serving of real ice cream.
  • CooCooPuff
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    If I want ice cream, I'll go with some Blue Bell.

    Arctic Zero is pretty okay though. I'll buy them once in a blue moon.
  • feisty_bucket
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    I went through a pint of the "cookies & cream" and spent more time on the toilet than I did eating the stuff in the first place. YOW. No thanks.
  • williams969
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    No. Not good at all. Life's too short to eat something just for the sake of "OOOh, it's 'diet' food/low calorie." If I happened to need/want some ice cream, I'll have a smaller portion of the real thing (or make it fun and go to the ice cream shop for one small cone or dish). Or I save up and budget my calories for a 1/2 pint of gelato (mmm, so worth it).

    Sorbet/sherbet is another sweet treat alternative (if you like fruit) that's a calorie saver (usually 1/2 the calories of premium ice cream/gelato). Pineapple sherbet or raspberry sorbet--SOO good.
  • Eaglesfanintn
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    I'll sometimes eat a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich. It's ok and satisfies that sweet craving. I also buy Blue Bell ice cream cups. They're great and really satisfies the craving. The important thing for me is that it's portion control. I can eat one cup or one sandwich and be good. If you gave me a pint of Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Brownie Fudge or Phish Food and the whole thing will be gone before you know it - oops, threw away the lid might as well eat it all.
  • martyqueen52
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    Edys Slow Churned much better, imo.
  • AmandaHugginkiss
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    A food scale with a gram weight measure and a measured serving of the real stuff works best for me and my taste buds. I love ice cream. Eating the fake stuff is like cheating on a super hot chick with some kind of farm animal.
  • redversustheblue
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    What does it taste like?? For 35 calories I can't imagine it being good!

    Horrible. I wouldn't even give it to someone I really hated.