Food Question

Needing help on food ideas.
I've been doing meal prep once a week for 3 weeks now.

I'm logging all of my food and I am still under on my calories by 250 and carbs by 38. Currently I am over by 11 on sugar and 9 on protein. I'm not sure what I could add to meet my calories without getting crazy on the sugar and protein. (Most of my sugar is from fruit) Any suggestions for snacks that are high calorie and low sugar would be great. Also curious about how important it is to stay within budget on sugar if it is in fact from just fruit and veggies.


  • Laurend224
    Laurend224 Posts: 1,748 Member
    Nuts, avocados. Being over on sugar is ok.
  • troutrouter
    If you aren't suffering from a medical condition, I wouldn't worry about the overages in protein and sugar very much.
  • samanthapeeples478
    I'm allergic to avocado, do you think 1 tbsp of hummus and celery would be good? Apples and peanut butter?
  • terbusha
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    I don't pay attention to sugar at all. I don't eat sweats, so what I get is mostly from fruits like you. The good thing about that is that fruits also have good fiber, so the effect from sugar is pretty much negated. The thing with macros is to just do your best and get them close. If you're a bit off, but still on your calorie goal for the day, you're golden. When you have some left for a snack, just do your best to work with your macros, but if you can't make them perfect, just stay within your calories.
  • Ready2Rock206
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    If you're using MFP numbers think of protein as a minimum rather than a maximum. It is usually quite low. I track fiber rather than sugar - much more useful info unless you have a medical condition.
  • Sydking
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    id be saving up those calories and carbs for a weekend burger or something :)
  • mamacoates
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    Sugar from fruits and veggies is not a problem. A few extra grams of protein is great for offsetting any potential drain on muscle mass during weight loss phase. Great snacks would include nuts and nut butters, cheeses with fruit, hummus with veggies. These choices will add healthy fats into your diet which are also important. If you are eating healthy, hitting your macros and still under calories, you are doing something right. Great for you!! Keep up the good work.