Losing weight now that I am 50

I turned 50 last summer. What worked in my 20s, 30s and 40s isn't working anymore. It's taken a while but I have finally realized I can't wing weight loss anymore. So after some research I find myself here with a plan to track calories because nothing else is working. Would love to hear from other people in the same situation. I have to be honest 1200 calories a day to lose less than a pound a week is VERY depressing. I've tracked via this site before for a few days and then gave up. I need to do this!


  • Gr8ChangesAhead
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    Have you looked into TDEE -15-20% ?
  • kcd1961
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    I got stuck on a plateau for 12 months - and eventually realised I needed to track, as painful as that is. So I guess the choice is between two lots of misery. One is the misery of being overweight or the other is the misery of having to manage your behaviour. Or you could simply accept yourself the way you are. The blue pill or the red pill?
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    At 71 I started using MFP for much the same reasons as you-cutting out a desert a day no longer worked. It worked and I continue to log and maintain the weight loss (OK-not at Christmas but it is manageable). One of the joys of gaining "wisdom".
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    Thank you all for responding.

    Doesn't MFP take tdee into account?

    I am still at the point that I want to lose vs accept this weight. Partly because it isn't healthy and partly because I hate the morning ritual of figuring out what to wear that will cover up the rolls, butt, etc!

    I keep thinking as I get older I will care less, but that hasn't happened and based on the comments here it probably won't!

    It was a good day. I worked out for an hour. Counted every morsel. Even fit in a glass of wine. Day 1 is always a good day. It's day 4 where I start to hate this!