I share a desk at work with all the office "treats". I can't stop myself!

How do people avert their gaze from cookies, cakes, doughnuts and chocolate that gets brought out weekly from other people in the office?

There is, and always will be, a dedicated place for the treats, and I just so happen to be staring at them all day!


  • jemhh
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    Is there any other place where the treats can be kept? Do they have to be on your desk?
  • Jaysus_The_Jay
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    Not really, I've got a nice big empty space next to me and every other one is filled

    It was the treat spot before me, and it'll be the treat spot after me.

    It's not the location that really bothers me though, it's my own lack of self control
  • joolsmd
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    Either move the treats, or ask people to bring in healthy treats.

    I'm lucky, I can't see our treats from where I sit. :smiley:
  • namelesshere
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    Just remember, people spit on them before bringing them to work. YuKKK
  • JTick
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    I recently moved office rooms, and the people in the new room are constantly bringing in treats. I don't know if there's been a day yet that there hasn't been something sitting on the table as soon as you walk in. I just don't take any. Easy peasy.
  • allanakern
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    the more you practice your willpower the less taste you'll have for the treats. I know it can be hard but I've gotten good at it. meal planning and bringing all your own yummy food helps too
  • beemerphile1
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    That is tough having that temptation right by you. I don't know how I would cope. I avoid junk at home by not buying it, you don't have that option.

    It is even worse being a guy. Men are visually stimulated so just seeing that stuff would be torture.

    The only suggestion I would have is to keep carrot sticks or something like that handy. Maybe Dum Dum suckers would give you something sweet and something to hold in your mouth. Dum Dums are only 25 calories each with no fat and they only use cane or beet sugars.
  • Huppdiwupp
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    Why don't you mention that you're uncomfortable sitting next to all the sweets? I find that the same people who frequently bring in treats to share are the ones who then go on talking about their diets... nothing wrong with treats for special occasions, but treats should be exactly that, not something to have around all the time. I am sure if you can muster the courage to let people know you're uncomfortable with it, there will be a solution.
  • Bloodtech
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    I go through the same thing here :( I can litterally smell chocolate. I like namelesshere suggestion rembering someone spitting on them before bringing them in. I'll have to try that.
  • TenderMoon
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    You just learn to ignore treats and after awhile it becomes second nature. My mantra is..."you can't have it both ways." Once you decide that maintaining a healthy weight is more important than a few minutes of gustatory pleasure it becomes very simple.
  • LivingtheLeanDream
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    Out of sight out of mind! I just wouldn't want them near my desk at all :neutral_face: I'd want them moved somewhere else, just too much temptation when a fit of the munchies would strike.
  • sherbear702
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    Just avert your gaze!
  • FitGeekery
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    Would it make it easier for you if you brought your own healthy snacks and treats to work?

    Then while other people grab for a donut, you can grab for a piece of dark chocolate. Or there's chips and you can make your own sweet potato chips and hummus. Stuff that'll fit the salty/sweet/whichever cravings but will fit better with your new outlook. Maybe?
  • TavistockToad
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    Have a treat IIFYM, if not then you just have to flex your willpower!
  • klkarlen
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    I work in a "food friendly" office also, and the treat table is about 12 feet from my desk. I've learned willpower. . . by looking up the calories first, and deciding they are not worth it. And if they are worth it, I log it and make it fit.
  • Lounmoun
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    How do people avert their gaze from cookies, cakes, doughnuts and chocolate that gets brought out weekly from other people in the office?

    There is, and always will be, a dedicated place for the treats, and I just so happen to be staring at them all day!

    What would happen if you absolutely covered the table in fruits and vegetables so there wasn't room for cake? Wouldn't it be awesome to see the cake bringer's face?

    I think you just have to get yourself used to allowing yourself a small portion, keeping busy and bringing healthy snacks for yourself (or to share).
  • CJisinShape
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    Keep yourself full. I just had a huge lunch. Veggies, chicken, brown rice, banana, green tea, grapefruit juice. If someone had cake right now, I'd only be able to manage a tiny sliver and that would be pushing it.

    How can you keep yourself full between meals? Lentil soup in a thermos on your desk, or a jug of water, or a container of hummus, etc.
  • cleo159
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    I have this exact same problem. What's worse is that everyone that comes in for a treat wants to talk to me about the treat -- it's a distraction from my work, but also a distraction from my diet. Here's what I do:

    1. Keep the food wrapped up as much as possible so you don't have to smell it, and move any trash can where people throw their plates & napkins away from you, consider getting an air freshener.

    3. Eat an orange or a clementine -- it will satisfy the craving for sweets, kill the smell wafting from the cakes for a while, and also make you kind of not want to eat something too rich

    3. Wear headphones while working so people don't interrupt you to tell you how good the food is and how this is ruining their diet, etc, etc.

    4. Bring in and leave healthy snacks (like fruit or hard pretzels) and leave on the communal table, let people know you're trying to eat healthier -- sometimes you can get the treat-bringers to bring in healthy stuff, too, or at least move their stuff to the coffee room or whatever.

    5. If you break down and have something, don't beat yourself up about it. It's okay to have a treat, and when the brownie or whatever is just singing for you, you're better off just eating it and moving on with your day, rather than obsessing on it and not being able to focus. You are not what you eat.
  • Want2bthin135
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    Can you put up a barrier so you can't see the snacks? I'm thinking maybe a piece of cardboard folded so it will "stand up".
  • VanillaGorillaUK
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    You just don't.

    I know that sounds immature and unrealistic, but it is the answer :) It's not willpower really, it's just a different focus that stops you from doing it.