One year, 100 lbs.

Today I am *over the moon* happy to have finally crossed the 100 lbs lost line! It took me a year: I started on MFP in mid-January 2014. It feels like I've been so close to getting to 100 lbs down for so long... but then with a couple pounds gained over the holidays, I'm now finally here. It was amazing to see my weight start with a "1" this morning! :D

I started at 300+ lbs (don't know for sure since I didn't own a scale in the beginning), and as of this morning, I am 199.4 lbs. I'm 5'5", 36 yo. And I'm not done yet! Onward and downward I go.

I told a bit of my story here: 75+ lbs down.


Thanks to everyone who has been so supportive here on MFP - my friends on here ROCK! B)<3


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