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I am new to this site and just looking for Motivation and support. To tell you a little about my self I am 56 years old a wife, also a mother to 6 children, and a grandmother to 4. I am looking to lose about 80-100 pounds. I was diagnosed last year with type 2 diabetes. I lost my mother to diabetes in 2007 and just lost my father September of 2014 he also had diabetes but that was not the cause of his death. I am not looking to fit into a bathing suit or skinny jeans I need to get healthy. I would like to be here and see my grandchild grow up. I am a lunchroom manager at a high school, I know about nutrition and you think I would apply it to my own life. I started this journey 2 weeks ago. I know this is something I must do. I have always taken care of everyone else now I need to take care of me. All support will be welcomed.


  • Dynoll
    Dynoll Posts: 6
    Welcome! This is the first step and something you can do!
  • GTRguy
    GTRguy Posts: 45 Member
    Welcome. First, you are not alone. We are all here for our own reasons and we all need each other's support.

    Getting MFP is a great first step. Pick up a device like a Fitbit, take the time to experiment and learn how the service work and have fun.

    I'm new here too, and love it here!
  • ladydianna62
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    Just started today its gonna be a long journey for all of us but. We can do this
  • I thought I was the only one trying to make a change on me. I started Saturday and I'm looking forward to the week going better than the weekend.