Meal Prep- Lunches and Snacks Ideas!

Hello everyone!

I have not posted on this site in 7 months. I'm 187lbs and have a current goal of 160lbs (125lbs would be nice!), which is where my doctor said I should be aiming for.

I love to create dishes, and bake in the kitchen. I'm looking for any meal prep for lunches and snacks that are also preschooler approved! No fish or bananas please, as I'm allergic to them.

I'm wondering how to proportion meals for lunch. An example meal would be peppers & onions, grilled chicken, veggies and rice. I have a scale and would like to know how to use it to make my meals reach my goals.

Thanks everyone. :)


  • acparrillo
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    Hi! I do not use a scale, I just use my measuring cups to portion my foods.
    My go to meals usually involve either grilled chicken or ground turkey. With those, I make wraps, tacos, healthy meatballs. My son and husband don't mind eating the meat plain, as well (or just dipping it into whichever sauce they're in the mood for.)
    I pair that with whichever carb we are in the mood for (potatoes, wrap, bread, pasta) & some veggies. I like the Steamfresh frozen veggies, because the only time I get to cook is around 10-11am so I want to be done asap.
  • Has anyone tried using to help with meal planning?
  • SherrieBee71
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    I use Pinterest for meal planning help. It's free & fun searching
  • notnikkisixx
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    DEFINITELY use your scale, it makes a huge difference!

    I use mine to measure individual ingredients prior to cooking them (I'll write everything down or just log it on my phone right there). While I typically weigh everything, I'll eyeball very low-cal ingredients like spinach or lettuce. I also skip weighing liquid ingredients and instead use a measuring cup/spoon.

    As far as meals go, are you looking for stuff to make and eat at home, or are you taking your lunch/snacks to an office?
  • Acparrillo; When you say plain, do you not season your meats? Like salt & pepper?

    Melissalbrinley: never seen the site myself, I will check it out. :)

    SherrieBee71: I love looking at Pinterest for meal ideas!

    nontnikkisixx: Having lunches brought to work would make it totally easier on myself, as my office is quite far away (about 15-20 minute drive).
  • notnikkisixx
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    Does your office have a full kitchen, or are you in a microwave-only situation?
  • Does your office have a full kitchen, or are you in a microwave-only situation?

    Just a microwave, and mini fridge
  • emmalou25mk
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    I batch cook on a Sunday for lunch and a few favourites are:

    - Roasted veggies in wholewheat tortilla wraps spread with hummus
    - Mexican Quinoa salad. I cook up a batch of quinoa and then add some spices or fresh chilli, some beans (this week I used black bean and kidney), tomatoes, red onion, sweetcorn and red pepper. Tasted fresh and delicious. cubes of avocado would be a good addition, however I haven't quite mastered the knack of keeping Avo fresh once open
    - Quinoa with roasted veg and some salad-y bits so some spinach leaves.
    - always pre chop up my carrots, cucumber, celery etc and portion into containers to grab in the morning with a small pot of hummous
    - Cook up some boiled eggs for the week
    - Make chocolate chia pots as per this recipe that I use as a quick grab and go breakfast (often topped with nuts, berries or homemade granola) -
    - Pop some organic natural popcorn kernals and season to taste and pop into small bags

    I'll occasionally use rice instead of the Quinoa, but prefer to have rice with evening meals like curry or chilli.

    I'm not a vegetarian but I don't often eat meat so that is why my meal suggestions don't contain meat, however grilled chicken or turkey would meake a great addition to any of the recipes. Especially some spicy seasoned chicken to the mexican quinoa salad!

    Hope this has helped/given you some ideas!
  • anrebma
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    Has anyone tried using to help with meal planning?

    I use Emeals and I love it. I create my weekly menu the week before and can get a feel for how many calories I will use each day. The emeals menus tell you how many calories are in each meal and they give you a meal and a side for each day. They also have an app for your phone, which includes a built-in grocery list (sorted by dept). Its amazing!