High Veggie Protein Vegan Recipes? (bring on the haters)

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My fiance and I decided a little while ago to try something new for us for and try vegan a little while. As soon as a meat or dairy product runs out in our fridge we don't buy anymore and just replace it with a fruit, veggie, or dairy substitute (soy, coconut milk, etc). So far we have had fun coming up with new creative recipes and trying new things but we seem to run into the problem of finding new ways to incorporate proteins into our dinners without just buying a meat substitute. We have beans, kale, portabello mushrooms, edamame, tofu, etc but are getting tired of making mushroom burgers, stir fry, and bean burritos. Anyone have any creative high protein dinner recipes we should try? I don't mind a little prep if it tastes yummy!


  • draco706
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    try www.theflamingvegan.com
  • isalo1300
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    Check out the happy herbivore and team vegan groups.
  • painauxraisin
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    The 30 minute vegan is one of the best cookbooks I have.
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    I just found this site! the pics of the food look so tasty

    lately, I've been making tofu smoothies and they are pretty great for a snack :)
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    Check out Deliciously Ella. Her website is amazing and full of beautiful recipes!
  • lilbea89
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    Thanks so much everyone! I have so many new recipes I want to try now!
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    WHAT ABOUT TUNA j/k j/k

    Veggie protein would be lentils, soybeans, black beans, peas. If you're looking for higher protein, go with seitan. Meat substitute, yes, but if you need the protein...

    Good luck!
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    Not sure how vegan it is since I just buy the packets that require you to just add water.

    Lentil Dahl, my understanding is that lentils are a good sorce of protein and the herbs and spices make it a tasty meal.

    The packets I get from woolies take about 15 mins from start to finish to cook. Serves 2 people and taste pretty good.

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