Starting my 90 lb weight loss journey

I am officially starting my 90 lb weight loss journey. Considering the amount I have to lose I need all the support I can get so I need some new friends to help me along the way. Maybe we can help each other out.


  • Train4Foodz
    Train4Foodz Posts: 4,298 Member
    Hey there,
    Wishing you complete success on your journey! If you give 110% you'll get 110% out of your healthy lifestyle!!

    All the best,

  • ladydianna62
    ladydianna62 Posts: 35 Member
    Hi I too have 90 pounds to loose needs all the help I can get we can cheer each other along the way good luck stay positive
  • ladydianna62
    ladydianna62 Posts: 35 Member
    Fell free to add me
  • melissaamooney
    melissaamooney Posts: 22 Member
    I have almost 90 lbs to lose. I'm in to succeed , Good luck !
  • EDs3000
    EDs3000 Posts: 46 Member
    Good luck, bro.. add me. I'll try to motivate you.. as much as I can...
  • Panda_Poptarts
    Panda_Poptarts Posts: 971 Member
    Good luck! Keep your chin up! I had 90, then had a bad few months hormonally. I'm down 3 lbs with 107 to go. We can do this!!
  • angel388
    angel388 Posts: 83 Member
    Added you :) I've got between 90 to 120 to lose.
  • elizzabethmarie
    elizzabethmarie Posts: 18 Member
    Same here! Good luck. I hope yours is a smooth journey.