Needing weight loss friends 130lbs to lose

Hey guys, my name is Mackenzie and i am 22. I'm just getting back on track with my weight loss journey after having my daughter in September. Before I got pregnant I had lost 80lbs and now i gained that all back and then some! I am now 280 lbs and looking to be about 150. Support is so important while losing weight and I just dont have that around me right now so im looking for some people who may be on a similar journey so we can keep each other motivated and honest. Thanks guys! I look forward to talking to you all


  • SassyMoonbeams
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    Hi hon! My ultimate goal is about 150 too and I've lost over 90lbs now. Feel free to friend request me!
  • maccswartz92
    okay i added you (: thanks!
  • toscarthearmada
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    Hello! My name is Megan and I've lost over 101 lbs with diet and exercise. When I first started here at MFP I was 256 lbs and am currently 155 lbs. Please feel free to add me, I have an open diary. =)
  • kali_athena
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    I'm just getting started with My Fitness Pal as well. I've lost a few pounds so far. I'm 247 now and need to get to 190. I'm looking for all the help and support I can get as well!
  • txlawyer87
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    I started about the same as you...275 and now, 3 weeks on MFP and with the support of MFP friends, ive lost 17 lbs. Feel free to add me, the more accountabilibuddies the better!
  • DaisyChain80
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    Hi add me too
  • fatima228
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    Hello. This is my second time around. I think I'm committed now. For starters I'd like to lose 50 pounds. Tips and suggestions are appreciated.
  • aSearch4Me
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    We have similar starting weights & goal weights, add me if you would like :-). I started on Jan 5th, with solely focusing on diet, and now I'm slowly adding in the exercise component. I'm down 10#'s so far :-). (20# over my highest recorded weight)
  • Em78IN
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    Hi, I am the "wieght loss" journey too have already lost 100lbs but still have a long way to go. Good luck on your journey and I've sent a friend request.
  • camilarees
    hi me to i have 45 pnt to go at least that is my goal
  • fatjon73
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    Hello all

    This is my second time using MFP, I lost 3 stone the first time, now I am back to try to lose the same again....( I am 18 stone, need to get in the 16 at least,)
    I find having others on my list pushes me to maintain my Goal even though I don't know you I still feel its a let down if I do not meet my goals.
    So please add me and keep kicking my *kitten* if I miss my goals please...
  • trippinonkittenheels
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    Hi Mackenzie and gang! I'm new to MFP as well. I opened an account last year and quickly lost motivation since I don't know many people on this journey. Hope I can join you guys and keep each other motivated. I recently weighed myself and am at my heaviest. Looking to get back to my old self and clothes. Would love to connect with you ladies and keep each other motivated. I'm usually a good cheerleader if I know there's others on the same path :smile: Thanks!