I'm 21 and need motivation!

Hi everyone! I'm Taylor. I just turned 21 this month and I'm really needing motivation to lose weight. It's so hard to quit eating all the foods I love! Anyone can add me!


  • And I'm also very active. I'm on everyday!
  • How has your progress been?
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    Feel free to add me ;)
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    Feel free to add me as well!
  • jasonmh630
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    First, congrats on taking the first step! :)
    Second, there's no reason for you to give up the foods you love. Just eat in moderation and everything will be fine. The people here that have had the most success long term are the ones that didn't give anything up. They ate pizza, chips, sweets, soda, baked goods, etc... just less of them and made sure they didn't put them into a calorie surplus. Once you meet your macro/micro goals for the day and you still have some room to play, it's totally ok to have that piece of cake or pizza or whatever. :)
  • I eat so much constantly :( I love food more than anything lol. My average meal is around 1200 calories so it's super hard to cut back when I'm use to eating so much