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I installed pacer but i have a few questions...when does pacer add my steps/calories burned to mfp? Where will it show up? Also when im doing a workout should i pause pacer and just log my workout in mfp to get more accurate calories butned?


  • quiksylver296
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    A pedometer? If it syncs with MFP, it will automatically log. You will have to sync them together, tho. I synced my Fitbit from the Fitbit website.
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    Depends on what Pacer you're using and if you updated it. My pacer does not provide for me the steps and calories. However, I use Runkeeper for that and a HRM. Whenever I post something on Runkeeper, it updates it automatically for me. MFP has NEVER been accurate for me with calories. That's why I got a HRM.
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    which pacer do you have?

    I have a fitbit and I needed to sync up my fitbit to my MFP account.
    some pacers aren't supported by MFP yet so make sure to check which apps MFP supports :)

    also I can't pause my fitbit so when I log my workouts I set the time I did my workout so it doesn't give me double burn cals.

    to connect:
    Apps > fitbit > connect > fill out info.