Anyone else hypothyroid?

Looking for others who have hypothyroid to add to my support team. I recently was put on medication but still have symptoms, mainly extreme fatigue. I've had difficulty losing weight in the past despite diet and exercise but now possibly know why its been nearly impossible to lose the weight.


  • Hi, I just joined, I am struggling to lose weight coz of the hypothyroidism condition, kind of frustrated
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    Hi, I too have hypothyroidism & PCOS i stacked on 36kg over two years! Im on the right dosage of my medication now (i must admit that has taken months with regular endocrinologist appointments) and im happy to say everything is falling into place. I don't eat certain foods as they are not good for the thyroid such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage,watercress, strawberries, wheat and i cut down on gluten feel so much better and the weight is coming off slowly.
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    If it's a recent diagnosis it may take a while to adjust the medication to fit your needs and get your levels of TSH just right for you. I have been hypothyroid for several years now and at one point I told my doctor that I just didn't have any energy, although my levels were within the "normal" range with my dose of medicine I was taking. They decide to up my dose of levothyroxine until I felt better and now I take 100 mcg. I know a nurse who is also hypothyroid and she had told me when I was first diagnosed that because of my build I would probably need a higher dose eventually (I'm a small frame).

    It takes a bit of patience and trial and error but it will get better. I used to blame my thyroid for my weight gain over the years, and it was probably part of it, but really just eating too much, eating too much food that is bad for you and exercising too little is the real culprit. I have been doing MFP seriously for almost 6 months and I'm about 27 pounds down. It's slow and steady and that's fine with me. So weight loss is not impossible- you just have to work with your doctor for a bit and if you still are feeling fatigued the doc needs to keep adjusting the medicine until you are back to your old self.
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    Hi ya. I have just been diagnosed hypothyroid and am on day 6 of meds. I'm noticing a difference so that's good but I just weighed myself and oh my god I've packed it on. I must be up about 5-6kg since my surgery in September, so I am a bit heartbroken. Is there a group on here or would someone consider making one?
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    I'm hypo and have been for years. Still haven't figured out my dose. On top of that I have sleep apnea so my body is just holding onto the weight. I've put in 30 pound in the last 2-3 years. I would love to create a group to support each other. This disease is an obstacle but we can fight through!
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    I just started a group called "hypothyroidism and a healthy fit life"
    Come join!
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    Me too. Feel free to add me :)
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    My husband is hypothyroid and was overweight. He has been taking his meds and has lost a lot of weight. He is right down to normal for his size. So don't give up, it will take time, but you will feel better.
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    I suffer from Hypothyroidism. I was diagnosed about 5 years ago. I have battled since I was a child with weight. I have come to learn that if I dont exercise daily and watch what I put in my mouth then on comes the pounds. I stay tired all of the time. Completely exhausted. Its definitely a struggle. :(
  • Hi All! I was just diagnosed as having hypothyroidism on Tuesday. I started my Levothyroxine yesterday morning and am hoping this will help me. Would love to have others on my friend list with the same condition, we can help root each other on!
  • It's been over 10 years since I was diagnosed. It's sooo hard to lose weight, I usually just give up. My energy has been so low over the past year especially, it's hard to motivate myself to exercise. I feel like it's going to be an up hill battle to lose even 10 lbs. I've been tracking my food for about a week and staying under 1200 calories was not easy at times. I so far have lost nothing of coarse, but I'm still trying to hang in there :#
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    If you have not done so already, check out
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    I have hashimotos... please feel free to add me, anyone! I'm always looking for more hypo/hashi pals :)
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    I have subclinical hypothyroidism as of last July. I was hyperthyroid before that because of a nodule. The nodule was treated and now my TSH is slightly high and my T4 is normal. My doctor is watching me closely but not inclined to give me meds yet.

    I have many of the hypothyroid symptoms, but none of them are overwhelming. A few years ago, I lost 20 lbs using MFP. I've gained some back since the nodule has gone. I'd really like to lose those pounds again, to reduce my risk of diabetes and such.

    I'm looking for a few pals to encourage me during this effort.
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    I've been hypothyriod since I was 10 years old, my body is super sensitive to the meds, so I know right away when a dose isn't working for me. I swing from hypo to hyper (over medicated) at the drop of a hat and have learned to self regulate my dose based on how I feel vs what my lab test is. I take anywhere between 125 and 200mcg daily. right now I am at 150mcg which is slightly higher than I need currently, it helps stave off the lethargy but I am starting to get hand tremors again so time to back down until my hair starts falling out... ugh
    For those newly diagnosed it can take months for symptoms to wane but your diet is still one of the most important things with this disease. Stay away from sugar, processed foods and ESPECIALLY SOY! soy is the devil.

    Also switching to taking my meds at night made a world of difference for me, I stop eating at 8pm so I can take my meds at 10-11pm right before bed and not have to worry about food affecting the absorption. I like my breakfast too much to wait an hour in the morning.
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    MFP has a Hypothyroidism & Hyperthyroidism group:

    I have Hashimoto's (autoimmune thyroid disease). Thyroid meds (for me, Synthroid & Cytomel) reduce the fatigue so I can be more active. But I lost weight just like everybody else—by eating fewer calories than I burn. Logging works.