45 lbs down success story! With pics

I think my first wake up call was when I saw these pictures from my sister's wedding. I was shocked that I had gotten that big. Between the stress of medical school and living in a foreign country things got away from me!v8spsg31kgf1.jpg

Now I have been trying to eat clean and started lifting weights and can start to see the difference. The big thing is that I can handle stress so much better now that I turn to the gym instead of food!


Hope this helps encourage people! I honestly never thought I could do it and it has been an extremely slow journey but I am so glad I made this commitment to myself!


  • Brender123
    Brender123 Posts: 13 Member
    Great job, you look great!
  • DanElizKim
    DanElizKim Posts: 14 Member
    Congratulations! You look terrific. You said you go to the gym and workout when you are stressed instead of eat. I will keep that in mind.
  • dimeda78
    dimeda78 Posts: 44 Member
    Congratulations! You are doing a fabulous job. Keep it up.
  • cu015821
    cu015821 Posts: 16 Member
    Thanks for the inspiration :D
  • ErinK09
    ErinK09 Posts: 687 Member
  • dale530
    dale530 Posts: 78
    You look great! Congratulations on the hard work.
  • Emi1974
    Emi1974 Posts: 522 Member
    Huge difference in your face :) Well done
  • hopkins965
    hopkins965 Posts: 6 Member
    You look great!! Congratulations!
  • reginaj30
    reginaj30 Posts: 36 Member
    Excellent and you can really tell the difference all over!!
  • cpower4604
    cpower4604 Posts: 33 Member
    Great job! Keep up the good work!!!!
  • mariamathsgeek
    mariamathsgeek Posts: 236 Member
    Well done! You look great!!! Would you mind sharing your age, height, start weight, end weight? It helps to know people's stats. Thanks.
  • ProjectEm
    ProjectEm Posts: 130 Member
    Awesome!!! Were you in the Middle East?! When I was there everyone used those same candles!
  • mandybear014
    mandybear014 Posts: 209 Member
    Dang, girl! You look so awesome! Bravo! :D
  • rkerm1018
    rkerm1018 Posts: 5 Member
    Thanks everyone! I just wish I had some actual full length pictures from when I started. It would have been great to see the full body change so I can remind myself I am still making progress.

    In terms of actual numbers. I started with the weight loss when I was 24. I am just over 5'5' and was originally 235. Currently I am 190 and about 35% body fat. The scale isn't dropping as much as I would like but the weight lifting had gotten everything much tighter. And had given me so much more energy!
  • VanessaRudden
    VanessaRudden Posts: 198 Member
    Well Done! You look Great! Keep up the Good Work!
  • rach021979
    rach021979 Posts: 103 Member
    Great job! You look awesome! I too have recently seen a photo of me from my BF wedding...ugh! My shins look huge! Is that even possible?? Huge shins! lol!
  • rkerm1018
    rkerm1018 Posts: 5 Member
    edited January 2015
    Haha I just know I get so excited about random things like seeing my collarbones or having my watch be crazy loose. So I totally understand the huge shins thing
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