How much do you want to lose in 2015??



  • JenniferLynWhatx
    JenniferLynWhatx Posts: 141 Member
    I am going to lose minimum 78.5 lbs in 2015 -- I wish I could say I'd lose 150lbs....but, if I'm being would be good enough for me
  • 0somuchbetter0
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  • hdrenollet
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    I'm shooting for 20 lbs by the end of March. I'm already down 11, so I think I'm going to hit that goal. I'll be happy if I can lost a total of 35-40 lbs which would put me at a solid 185-190, which I was happy at before. At the same time, I'm going to be putting on some muscle, so my weight isn't that important but I know the 20 lbs have to go for sure. If I can hover around 200 with decent lean muscle, I'll be very happy.
  • Zoise
    Zoise Posts: 98 Member
    50 would be nice.
  • mrscdb
    mrscdb Posts: 4
    I would love to loose around 21lb.. But would be so happy if I lost 14lb x
  • markja
    markja Posts: 270 Member
    This year I want to lose 50, minimum.

    My original goal was to lose 115 lbs. Start weight was 335, March 2014; currently at 299. I lost a net of 30 last year, because I lost 40 and gained back 10.

    If I lose 50 lbs this year, I can re-evaluate. One thing I don't want to do is yo-yo. I'm done with that!
  • tephanies1234
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  • smandysen2014
    smandysen2014 Posts: 4 Member
    My goal is to lose a total of 23.5 pounds, and then re-evaluate. I think I can do an additional 5 after I get to my goal weight, but will have to see since it's been 6-7 years since I've been down to that weight.
  • TiffanyJole
    TiffanyJole Posts: 52 Member
    71 lbs, and I will be my lowest weight since I was in middle school!
  • htowey
    htowey Posts: 31 Member
    I hope I can loose 50 lbs on top of the 10 lbs i've already lost since starting my weight loss journey... fingers crossed ill make it onto the success stories page this time next year!
  • crocky64
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    wanna lose 50 by september 2015 looking at me pic think i need lose it from my joules lol
  • Ninkyou
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    Anything. :) I'm going to work on the 10lbs of pregnancy weight I have and anything else is icing on the cake.
  • 5 Pounds a week... I weighed in today with a full cup of coffee in hand ... I had no fears!
  • jessicarobinson00
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    I'm down 22 lbs since March 2014 and hoping to lose 5-10 more this year.
  • mrssaver
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    edited January 2015
    I am trying to not put a number in my head. Yes, I have a goal weight and yes I am working towards it but it seems to be coming off very slowly. I will take it day by day, keep my head down and dig in. My goal-run a 10k this year (currently running 6)
  • KBurkhardt08
    KBurkhardt08 Posts: 141 Member
    Anywhere between 32-42 lbs. Not sure what 42 less lbs would look like on me so we'll see how I feel at 32 :smile:
  • jgnatca
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    In a perfect world I would reach goal in four months but I'd be happy to take all year to get there. That would be 20 pounds to get to 165. Still "overweight" for my height, but I figure it is realistic considering the lowest I've ever been as an adult is 145. Heck, the improvements at my current weight is thrilling. I can run. I can be fitter every day. That's what I've wanted all along.
  • madrose0715
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    10 minimally, 15 at most.
  • Fallensylae
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    I want to get back to the 117 pounds I had before I started this sedentary job. I'm down to the last 11, but they're proving to be a real pain. Still, not giving up! I'd like to get there by the end of this year.