This app doesn't track your protein intake any more please fix it.

Please fix the app it used to tell you how Manu grams of protein you consumed now it doesn't. The graph is cool but I need to know my protein intake that's important please fix it


  • bunbunzee44
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    Go to your diary settings and see that your nutrients tracked include protein.. ? I'm not sure how it works on the phone.
  • ruqayyahsmum
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    When you click on nutrition move over to the list view and click that and it will go back to telling you everything in terms on numbers. Also make sure you look at daily as on the weekly bit it will just show a calorie graph
  • mirrim52
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    If you go to the nutrition screen it shows grams of protein there. I think it is the option under diary in the drop down menu. It will show you all your daily targets and consumption.
  • It's not working on my phone
  • JoRocka
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    It works fine on the phone- you're doing something wrong or on the wrong screen. or you're phone is broken.

    App's working just fine.
  • mirrim52
    mirrim52 Posts: 763 Member
    Uninstall the app and reinstall. Works fine for me.
  • auddii
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    There's an option to toggle between the graph and the list of nutrients.
  • Eudoxy
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    Are you looking at the bottom of your diary?
  • rainbowbow
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    auddii wrote: »
    There's an option to toggle between the graph and the list of nutrients.