Accurate grams of carbohydrates in avocados?!

Hi all! I'm writing this as there seems to be confusion over how many carbs are actually in avocado and I just can't seem to find the correct answer on Google! We know avocado is a low carb, high fat fruit but how many carbs exactly? If you ask google, the answer you will get is 9g carbs per 100g avocado. However, I've bought some Tesco ready to eat avocados and the barcode and packet says only 1.9g carbs per 100g. So I've been eating a 170g portion per day hoping that it's only 3.3g carbs and now nearly 18g! I want this to be accurate but I just don't know. They're small-medium sized from Israel.

Does anyone who is counting carbs know if packets/barcodes are accurate (maybe these avocados from Israel are very low carb?) or if I'm actually eating a lot more carbs than I want to.

Thank you!


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    that 1.9g carbs is net carbohydrates, with the fibre subtracted, to find the 'true' carbohydrate count add the amount of fibre onto the carb one. Also if you are on a low carb diet, it is usually the net carbohydrates which are counted anyway.

    It will help you to ensure you weigh your food. Are you attempting a low carb diet, like atkins or keto? If so you only count the net carbohydrates anyway.

    If I remember correctly, there's just over 8g total carbohydrates in 100g of avocado, with about 7g fibre - so net count aprox 1g - 1.5g

    ps: Avocado is the perfect fruit for low carb, it is outstandingly high in fibre & good quality dietary fat, keep eating it. Yum yum
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    I always use the USDA web site for food macros. It is pretty accurate.
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    Thank you Cloudy! My original idea was a low carb diet as I want to lose some weight but I also do weights/Rock climbing so I'm looking to get strong and toned (trying to get in lots of protein) so I'm not 100% Atkins (coz I know with Atkins they say too much protein can be bad) I'm just kinda doing what works for me! I never knew about net carbs and that total carbs includes fibre. Very informative! Looks like I'm doing the right thing. I'm gonna keep to my avocado a day. So filling!
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    I never knew about net carbs and that total carbs includes fibre.

    Only in America, not in UK / EU.