Determination and Effort Can Take You Far! 40+ lbs gone with pics!



  • Liftng4Lis
    Liftng4Lis Posts: 15,150 Member
    Amazing work! Wow!
  • YourIrishFriend
    YourIrishFriend Posts: 6
    edited February 2015
    Such inspiration! And what a cutie ;)
  • mg_adina
    mg_adina Posts: 32 Member
    Great job!
  • TnZMom
    TnZMom Posts: 222 Member
    Love how strong you look!
  • EachDayDoesCount
    EachDayDoesCount Posts: 34 Member
    Wow! you look amazing. what a inspiring
  • HeartyHealthy
    HeartyHealthy Posts: 26 Member
    That is a great transformation, you were a pretty lady in the before pics you are a healthy amazing looking one in the now pics. Just sensational. Thank you for sharing
  • tjcuts339
    tjcuts339 Posts: 188 Member
    You look awesome! Not that you didn't before but now you look healthier and happier. Great job!

  • Pastela
    Pastela Posts: 29 Member
    Thanks again everyone! I wish MFP had a 'like' function similar to Facebook for forum posts, because I really do appreciate all of your comments. I used to lurk this forum while going through my weight loss journey for inspiration, so it's really cool that my story has inspired others.

    You all rock! :smiley:
  • lyrics09
    lyrics09 Posts: 217 Member
    Amazingggggg <3 Inspirational thats for sure! Look gorgeous.
  • qstneverything
    qstneverything Posts: 125 Member
    Woohoo! Way to go. Your story is awesome, we're similar ages, and your "before" photo is similar to me now (which is a before phase) so how about I make our "after" the same too? ;)
  • lizalmp1234
    lizalmp1234 Posts: 311 Member
    great job
  • FedGirlUSA
    FedGirlUSA Posts: 18 Member
    You look fantastic! Way to go!
  • jlmed
    jlmed Posts: 226 Member
    Wow you look amazing!! Congrats.
  • cmsu64113
    cmsu64113 Posts: 474 Member
    Amazing job!
  • oncem0re
    oncem0re Posts: 213 Member
    Wow you are gorgeous then and now... you just defined yourself a lot more! Congrats! We have an almost starting weight! I'm really hoping to drop to 150 by July, I started this month and lost 11lbs so far hopefully lost the 35lbs more in 5 months. Well done so envy and proud of you! what an inspiration!
  • Amazing job!! :) Congrats! :)
  • luisalg14
    luisalg14 Posts: 202 Member
    Amazingly done! :)
  • msbengbeng
    msbengbeng Posts: 59 Member
    You look amazing! Healthy and happy! Thank you for sharing your story! You really gave me a huge source of motivation!
  • Pastela
    Pastela Posts: 29 Member
    Wow, wow, wow! Thanks so much for the kind comments and friend requests! I'm really glad my journey has helped inspire others! You are all so very kind! :)
  • tjcuts339
    tjcuts339 Posts: 188 Member
    You did this. Made up mind. and planned and mapped your journey to road of success. You have helped others to see it can be done !! Mind that is focused. can acheive. Any goal. Many need to see this. You can show them. Great job!!!
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