Pre-workout for beginning runner

Hello! I'm a beginning runner and was wondering if there was an optimal (non-powder and caffeine free) pre-workout food to energize me for my run. Any suggestions?? Thanks!!


  • SuggaD
    SuggaD Posts: 1,369 Member
    I don't eat before a run. But my friends that do, swear by a slice of whole wheat or multigrain toast and a tablespoon or 2 of nut butter.
  • lbetancourt
    lbetancourt Posts: 522 Member
    peanut butter on toast for me. but, thats only for my long runs.
  • charmarbobar
    charmarbobar Posts: 251 Member
    If it's a nighttime run I don't eat anything before ('cept whatever I had for supper hours earlier). If it's an early morning run I'll usually opt for a banana.
  • MeanderingMammal
    MeanderingMammal Posts: 7,866 Member
    To a large extent it depends what your current condition is. Personally I now don't tend to specifically eat for anything less than 12km, but that presupposes a generally adequate diet with small deficit.

    Probably of more relevance is remaining hydrated prior to the run.
  • Roxiegirl2008
    Roxiegirl2008 Posts: 756 Member
    I have found that works for me is English muffin with almond butter. That is mostly for a morning run. Evening runs is just what I have eaten through out the day. I say experiment and see what works for you. Like, I said an English muffin works for me but a friend swears by her yogurt.
  • toscarthearmada
    toscarthearmada Posts: 382 Member
    Before races I always eat the same food - 1 egg, egg yolk and grits! Has always done great for me.
  • kare1985
    kare1985 Posts: 8 Member
    If I go running in the morning I like to have oatmeal and a banana.
  • noor_v
    noor_v Posts: 133 Member
    I usually just grab a banana... but if I have 5 extra minutes, I'll make a spinach/fruit smoothie (I love my blendtech :smile: )
  • loratliff
    loratliff Posts: 283 Member
    I do an English muffin with a little butter and jam. That's also my pre-race fuel for short races too.
  • amusedmonkey
    amusedmonkey Posts: 10,330 Member
    Food in the belly makes me feel sick when I run, so I opt for a few gummy bears, smarties, or some chocolate.
  • sjaplo
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    Couple of glasses of water and a couple of cups of black tea is all I have before working out iin the am. When I was running longer distances I would have toast or english muffin with pb and take some gel with.
  • jasonp_ritzert
    jasonp_ritzert Posts: 357 Member
    1 scoop of protein and a banana 1.5 hrs before running