365 days of the new me. Facts and Truths (with progress pics)



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    Thank you for this post. You are inspiring, and I really needed to hear this today. I especially found this tidbit to be helpful:

    7. It’s doesn’t matter how much I can’t do, I’ll do what I can do and still lap those doing nothing!

    I sometimes get discouraged about not being able to do more high intensity exercise because of some back problems, but that point really helped me to keep it in perspective.

    Keep being awesome!

    All we can do is keep moving in a forward motion and not let ourselves slip back and sometimes, just sometimes... that has to be enough xxxxx Good luck honey
  • karenrich77
    karenrich77 Posts: 292 Member
    Have you found exercising helps fm? My boyfriends mother had it and is basically bed ridden!I'm so impressed with your progress! Well done - you've done amazingly :)

    I wish I could say it did... but it just hurts more.... but I keep thinking I just need to do it and try and block out as much of it as humanely possible.... if I think it, I perpetuate it. But to be honest. I freaking hurt 99% of the time :(
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    Thanks for Posting you look great!
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    Yeah!! You're awesome :) Great progress
  • fatkidonadiet
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    Way to go! Your goals are reasonable and inspiring! Keep up the good work, 'cause you're worth it.
  • Great Job!
  • brightsideofpink
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    Awesome work, with well-deserved results. The whole shape of your smile seems to have changed! Now, go get yourself that dress!
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    Go girl!!! SO AWESOME
  • jos05
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    Fabulous!!! Keep up the great work!! :)
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    You are an inspiration. Congratulations.
  • cds_momto3
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    Wonderful progress! Your goals sound great - and at the end of the year I expect another post telling us how you've achieved them all! :)
  • catruledquilter
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    That is absolutely fantastic!! You did an amazing job! The difference in your happiness shows from the first picture to the last!!
  • tessiebear40
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    You are fantastic and inspirational :D
  • DeeNyceRN
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    You are an inspiration! Thank you for sharing your journey. I needed to hear your story today to keep me motivated!
  • WOW!!! And I LOVE the things you learned!
    You are amazing!
  • Absolutely fabulous! Keep up the great work ;)
  • yasmine334
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    Inspirational and awesome loss
  • rodmanalbe
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    That is amazing, you must be proud of yourself.
    Don't forget there's no destination, this is a journey :) No need to lose 35kgs in 12 months...you might lose 30 or 40, just keep your habits!
  • HfxJMac
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    Holy crap, YOU ROCK! Congratulations on the amazing success!!! Keep at it!
  • Here are some facts and figures and wishes and dreams from my first year of the new year, with progress pics of course :)

    12 facts for 12 months!
    1. Total loss 36.2kg (79 pounds)
    2. Loss 21.6% of my total body weight
    3. BMI down 14 points
    4. Centimetres lost from measured areas 135.9cm!!!!
    5. Steps walked in 365 days 2,495,800
    6. Total kilometres walked 1,692.16 (more than the distance from Hobart to Adelaide on foot!
    7. I have logged in My Fitness Pal for 365 straight without missing a day
    8. Bloods for Diabetes now normal
    9. Gone down 1 pants size and 2 top sizes
    10. My wedding and engagement ring barely stay on now
    11. I jogged this year, yep you heard it I JOGGED
    12. I can now show in a regular clothes store, not the larger ladies clothes store

    12 Things I learned in 12 months
    1. I am much stronger than I thought I was
    2. I don’t enjoy counting calories but I believe I will do it the rest of my life
    3. Weight loss is NOT linear
    4. The scale is not the only measure of success
    5. I can have your cake and eat it too, as long as it fits into my calories 
    6. What works for others won’t necessarily work for me, I found what did and am doing it!
    7. It’s doesn’t matter how much I can’t do, I’ll do what I can do and still lap those doing nothing!
    8. If I have a bad day, don’t wait until next month, next week or tomorrow to get back on track, do it now!
    9. Everything in moderation, never a truer word was spoken
    10. Be proud, because even though it is my own fault I are overweight, I am doing SOMETHING about it!
    11. I wouldn’t be where I am without all those people who encouraged me and pumped me up to keep going when I needed it
    12. This journey is a marathon not a race

    12 goals for the next 12 months
    1. Lose 35kg more
    2. Get my vertigo and fibromyalgia under control to get back to work
    3. Join a gym
    4. Go down another 2 sizes in clothes
    5. Do 10,000 steps a day for at least 5 days of the week
    6. Find more healthy and nutritional menu additions
    7. Go for a run
    8. Go swimming (don’t worry public, no need to avert your eyes, this will not take place in public)
    9. Not have to use a seatbelt extender on a plane
    10. Wear a dress
    11. Enter a 5km fun walk
    12. Learn to lift weights

    Starting weight in the pics 168.2kg (370 pounds) in the last picture 132.2 (291 pounds)



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