Half way there! 230# to 187# with pics

I can't believe I'm finally able to post some success photos! I'm just over half way to my goal (150#) and am so pleased with the progress so far.

The last straw before starting this journey was that my bras were too small and there was no way I was going to buy the next size up. So I signed back in to MFP (I'd signed up before but hadn't done anything with it) on August 1st. When I started I was in a very tight 18 in jeans (really should have been in a 20) and in XXL shirts. Now I'm comfortable in a 14 in trousers and size L shirts.


I've dieted in the past, successfully lost weight, and then successfully put it all back on and more. Using MFP, the difference between this time and other times is that I'm eating and exercising in a way that is sustainable. I can imagine doing what I'm doing right now for the rest of my life. I haven't cut anything out, I just eat less of everything; one piece of bacon instead of four, one square of chocolate rather than the whole bar. And I've never exercised consistently EVER. Now I'm running (VERY slowly) 3x per week and strength training 3x per week. When I started I couldn't run 60 seconds and I couldn't do a single real pushup. This morning I ran 25 minutes and last week I did 30 real pushups (10 x 3 sets).

I've still got 37 pounds to lose before reaching my weight goal of 150lbs which will put me 5 pounds under the top of the healthy BMI range. I'll be happy if I can wear size 10 jeans and size M shirts and will be over the moon if I can get into size 8! The weight loss part of this journey has actually been pretty easy up to this point, but I imagine I'll have to change my goal from 1.5lbs per week (which has been my average weekly loss) down to 1lb per week. I hate to slow down, but as I'm going for sustainability, that will have to do. My hope is to reach my weight goal by August which will have been a year on MFP. After that, the rest of the journey begins: maintenance!


  • kimekakes28
    kimekakes28 Posts: 103 Member
    Awesome work!! Keep it up and you will meet and exceed your goal!!!
    P0PTART Posts: 50 Member
    Amazing job!
  • selrold
    selrold Posts: 15 Member
    Thank you! I needed you today. Good luck with your progress.
  • STenley513
    STenley513 Posts: 20 Member
    Great job!
  • abelcat1
    abelcat1 Posts: 186 Member
    I think you are very wise to slow Down a bit, going for a sustainable result and getting used to the new lifestyle and maintenance. Congrats on your nice result so far.... see you at the friendlist ;-))
  • pensierobello
    pensierobello Posts: 285 Member
    How funny, you and I are pretty much at exactly the same spot. I started at 232 (though 228 is where I started here) and am just on 188! I think our shapes are fairly similar too, and I've done fairly similar things to you - ate less, have changed some nutrition things but not tons, and have built up from barely any exercise to lots of regular stuff :)

    My weight goal is a bit variable at the moment. I think before I started losing I couldn't comprehend being lighter than 14 stone. The idea of being 9.5 stone (healthy weight for a 5'2 woman) seemed impossible. I'm currently 13'6! I can now see where I could go - I'm still not sure lower than 10 stone is sustainable with the amount of food I like to eat, but we'll see. My next goal is to get into the 12s, and then just keep on going...

    I think we need to slow down at this rate - I have already noticed that to lose more, the work has to become aggressive, which isn't fun or sustainable - you'll just put it back on. I think a year is a fantastic period of time to do it in - I'm looking at stretching it out and potentially taking two or more :)
  • mariamathsgeek
    mariamathsgeek Posts: 236 Member
    Excellent results and I love your sensible & patient approach. Well done & good luck in getting to your goal. You are doing great & are an inspiration.
  • greenfirearm
    greenfirearm Posts: 120 Member
    I'm pretty much the exact same weight as you right now, so high five! I started at around 255-260, I'm now 188. I get the impression I'm a bit taller than you (170 would be 5 pounds into the health range for me) but 150 is roundabout my ultimate goal weight so I genuinely send you my warmest thoughts and encouragement!
  • chereedoggett
    chereedoggett Posts: 57 Member
    Great job. Success stories like this keeps me motivated. It also make me realize that it is ok to go slow and not fast all the time.
  • SexyHealthyFit175
    SexyHealthyFit175 Posts: 64 Member
    You have lost.a lot! Kudos to you!!!!
  • hoyalawya2003
    hoyalawya2003 Posts: 631 Member
    Way to go! I knew you were rocking it from my news feeds, but nice to see the visual! And you totally have me beat on pushups--last try I could only do 20.
  • sun_fish
    sun_fish Posts: 864 Member
    This is awesome - so glad you posted now instead of waiting, you are truly a success story already. Congrats!
  • jennylea70
    jennylea70 Posts: 57 Member
    Thanks for this and congrats. I am just starting out where you did and have the same goal of 150 lbs. you are looking great. Good work and thanks for the inspiration!
  • smkondy
    smkondy Posts: 583 Member
    Great Job-you look fantastic-thanks for sharing!!! :D
  • VanessaRudden
    VanessaRudden Posts: 198 Member
    Well Done! You look great = Keep it up!
  • palwithme
    palwithme Posts: 860 Member
    Great work. We started at exactly the same place (230), at the same time, August, and I currently weigh 188 as well. Funny! My goal is 140. I am 5'7.
  • sapicsr
    sapicsr Posts: 69 Member
    Keep up the great work, I am confident you will succeed at meeting your goals!
  • RunRachelleRun
    RunRachelleRun Posts: 1,854 Member
    Congratulations and thanks for sharing. We have the same starting weight and goal weight, so it is inspiring to me even though my loss has been slower and I am not as far along. Your photos are amazing and the size drops must feel wonderful!
  • SparklyPinkMom
    SparklyPinkMom Posts: 50 Member
    Congrats! We also have similar starting and goal weights. Great inspiration :)
  • selena_teresa
    selena_teresa Posts: 110 Member
    Motivated! Thanks for sharing
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