starting again for the 486th time

I have been down this road so many times trying to lose the weight and keep it off. A year and a half ago I was down to about 164 and doing great but then I got a new job and went from walking 5-10 miles a day at my old job to a desk job. The pounds came back and now I am the heaviest I have ever been at over 200. I would really love some friends on here who log everyday and we can motivate each other. Feel free to add me :smiley:


  • merryberry99
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    Sending you a request! I really need some active friends as well. I log daily and always try to comment! Anyone is free to add me :)
  • lschifko314
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    Im new as well also in a desk job! Im gonna add you!
  • bethmeek27
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    Requesting! I'm also on my 486th time :smile:
  • nicolemtracy
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    You can do it girly!
  • breathebelievejen
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    the 486th time is better than giving up!
  • mscheftg
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    We can be friends! Please note that I do not always eat "clean." I allow myself a treat every day and sometimes I go over my calories. However, I'm real and I'm really in this for the long haul. I finally hit "rock bottom" and realized just how much I want to change.
  • cjag77
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    Sent you a request! I'm on my 486th time too. I started last year and lost 65 lbs. looking to lose the next 65 this yeAr.
    After a serious health issue laid me in a hospital bed for a year and 3 more years of trying to bounce back I found myself 150 lbs heavier tipping the scales at 300. I couldn't deal with it. A year later I am under 250 and 10 sizes smaller in clothes. I still have a long way to go, but I WILL get there.
    lets motivate each other!!!
  • Amichellev88
    Hi! I'm also on about my I don't know let's say 456 attempt to loose weight. I'm at my heaviest at 263. I'm really trying this time. Seeing that scale made me shed some tears & also got me motivated to loose weight. I would like to add you as my friend but honestly I don't know how.

  • jessisgonnagetfit
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    Thank you everyone! It is so nice to know I am not alone in this journey! I am truly excited for all the new friends I have just made!

  • aplcr0331
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    I tell my kids this Japanese proverb all the time it's applies to school, sports, or anything that takes individual effort...

    "Fall seven times and stand up eight"

    Nanakorobi yaoki

    Good luck.
  • mamanewland
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    You can do it! I'm a mom of 4 and down 39 lbs as of today! Add me as a friend!