Breakfast swaps

Hi everyone, thank you for reading.

Basically- I have been trying to stick to 1500-1600 calories every day, as I think this is a healthy amount of calories for me (around a maintenance amount).

The thing I really struggle with is breakfast.

I eat low fat, low calorie lunches; healthy and nutritious from scratch dinners. But I am sooo lazy in the morning; I don't get up with time to cook something properly. I eat Weetabix most days that I can (basically as I can wolf those down in three bites a biscuit before I have to start work/whilst my boyfriend puts his shoes on!)
I am increasingly finding with these though that they leave me ravenous by 11 o clock, leading to such loud stomach rumbles, which is not good as I work in a sales environment with customers and it can be pretty embarrassing... I presume its the 'carb' effect, where once it wears off my body is desperately telling me I need more carbs?

So suggestions please; something that doesn't require much effort in the morning, or importantly too much time to eat.

Thank you in advance for your help

Tefhead <3


  • AmazonMayan
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    Hard boiled eggs. Keep some cooked in the fridge and grab as you need them.
  • blbst36
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    I don't know anything about a "carb effect", but the only way I am getting breakfast is if I make it the night before. I also make a quiche or egg based breakfast casserole and eat that for a week or two. Takes all the guess work out of breakfast.
  • NewMeSM75
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    Look up breakfast muffins. Mix eggs or egg whites with veggies and cheese. Pour in sprayed muffin tin. Bake. Make the night before. Easy grab and go thing. I never thought I would like protein shakes but I'm finding they hold me over really well and help with protein consumption. High protein and fiber will hold you over better. Good luck.
  • Want2bthin135
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    I make refrigerator oatmeal the night before. I don't feel like I'm eating the same thing every morning because I change the fruit and sweetener I use.

    The recipe I use
    1/3 Cup rolled oats
    1/3 cup skim milk
    2 tsp chia seeds
    1/3 cup greek yogurt.
    Mix together, with the ingredients I use the calories are 219. Then I add fruit and sweetener of my choice (endless possibilities) . Refrigerate over night. Some make it in mason jars, I do it in a clear container.
  • faginslaw
    Make egg muffins. You can put ham and tomatoe or any mix. Just mix 4 eggs in a jug . Chop or dice lean ham and tomatoes devide into cilicon muffin tray for 6. Then cook on a medium heat until golden. You can have for breakfast lunch or dinner.
  • ogmomma2012
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    Slow cooker oatmeal can be made overnight. Or you can probably wake up earlier... whatever it takes, yanno?
  • Tefhead
    Thank you guys; I think that I just need to face up to cooking something the night before; will give all these things a go! I do like the look of those funny little egg muffin things, and I didn't realise that you could make oatmeal like that.

    More recipes/ideas welcomed!!
  • Raynne413
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    I make mine the night before. I mix Greek Yogurt, protein powder, chopped nuts, dried fruit, and sugar free chocolate chips. Normally less than 300 calories.
  • Tefhead
    Slow cooker oatmeal can be made overnight. Or you can probably wake up earlier... whatever it takes, yanno?

    I have such good intentions to wake up earlier - my other half gets up early and exercises and I could get up when he does, and yet, I am still in bed, half asleep or on Pinterest when he has finished his work out! lol. Oh dear, no will power for leaving my bed :(
  • Tefhead
    Raynne413 wrote: »
    I make mine the night before. I mix Greek Yogurt, protein powder, chopped nuts, dried fruit, and sugar free chocolate chips. Normally less than 300 calories.

    Chocolate chips you say.... yum....
  • shastasheeny
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    @ogmomma2012, slowcooker oatmeal is delicious! I love to throw in cinnamon and coconut milk to make it a bit more flavorful (although you do add fat that way).

    I've also experimented with cold overnight oats in mason jars like @want2bethin135. I like this post a lot for ideas on how to make it:

    Personally, I like hot oatmeal better, but the cold oatmeal is more convenient in that it's grab and go, and you can make three or four at a time and keep them in the fridge. It's pretty good, too!

    I'm going to experiment with making something like this, too:

    Someone recently brought something like this to a seminar I was attending, and they were delicious. I imagine you could customize them to be the right number of calories by decreasing sugar or chocolate/adding fruit/or making them smaller/larger. I think I might bake up a batch and freeze the ones that I don't think I'll eat in time. Potentially breakfasts for weeks!

    Good luck in your hunt for nutritious breakfasts!
  • mscheftg
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    Look on pinterest for slow cooker steel cut oatmeal recipes. There are some that you throw together the night before and then you have breakfast when you wake up. This might be a good option for you! Plus the leftovers can be portioned out and stored in the refrigerator for reheating later in the week. I also agree with the egg muffins. You can eat several and when you make them ahead, you just reheat it and eat as you go. You could even through it in a tortilla or wrap if you need something that you can eat as you walk out the door! :)
  • simonwarren777
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    I've been eating the same think for weeks and I love it, and find it very filling:
    100g of zero fat yoghurt
    45g of sugar free Alpen muesli
    50g of blueberries

    Stir together and enjoy, takes about 1 minute, and is under 300 cals

    For variations use zero fat Greek yoghurt, or substitute the blueberries for a cut up banana (but both are slightly higher cals)
  • Tefhead
    These all look great - thank you all so much for your comments!
  • lseed87
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    Overnight oats
  • Sarahland
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    Wake up 15 minutes earlier than you typically do and cook a proper breakfast. It really doesn't take much more than that. If you want it bad enough, you will make it happen.
  • jemhh
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    My standard breakfast is:

    Either 1 cup of 4% fat cottage cheese or 1 cup of high protein full fat yogurt or 2-3 eggs (boiled or scrambled with 1/2 T coconut oil)


    1-2 serving of fruits/veggies (raw, just cut and sliced)


    1 cup milk in coffee

    Sometimes I have bread or a Kashi bar too.
  • segacs
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    I hate mornings, too. I usually have coffee and instant oatmeal. Not the greatest / healthiest breakfast, but it's grab and go and I can eat it at work and it keeps me satisfied 'til lunchtime.

    Getting up early enough to make and pack my lunch is about all the discipline I can manage. I don't beat myself up over it.
  • courtney965
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    I grab a protein shake, 1 slice of whole grain toast with peanut butter on takes 5 minutes! Or branflakes/alpen fruit n nut already packed empty into a bowl add water 2 minutes and it is done! Tastes gorgeous too and very filing, 158cals per bowl X
  • lemurcat12
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    My quick breakfast is steel cut oats with protein powder. I have a rice cooker and measure the oats out the night before and add water in the morning (when I make coffee, before showering) and then shower and it's ready. I add protein powder and a bit more water when it's finished plus berries, and usually eat something else with it since I like bigger breakfasts and need some fat.

    For super fast sometimes I change it up and have leftover dinner for breakfast (I keep meals in Tupperware to bring to work have as leftovers) and then make an omelet for dinner.