The scale isn't everything!

jrek521 Posts: 25 Member
I met with my trainer this morning to "check in." At first, I was really bummed because the scale was up by a few pounds, but all of my measurements were 1/2 inch smaller in every spot, and my total body fat was down 4.5%. HOORAY!!


  • beetlesguk
    beetlesguk Posts: 14 Member
    Well done, I'm trying to focus more on my fitness and inches rather than the scale. Afterall,, I want to be able to drop dress sizes
  • CathReese33
    CathReese33 Posts: 112 Member
    My scale has not moved in a week, yet I was able to wear pants today, that did not fit last week. I hate the fact that the scale lies, yet we feel so beholden to the number it presents us. Well done though xx
  • makemethick
    makemethick Posts: 9 Member
    Exactly! You work hard and know your body is changing but that darn scale likes to tell you otherwise. I can see the difference in the way my clothes fit and try to only weigh myself once a week. So I know I'm doing something right.
  • teamnevergoingback
    teamnevergoingback Posts: 374 Member
    The scale is a liar! Good for you!
  • DollyPat123
    DollyPat123 Posts: 17 Member
    i agree need to stop weighing myself i get discouraged and give up
  • priyaFitnessFreak
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    4.5% difference is body fat is very impressive. You must have worked hard!
  • mnewell0293
    mnewell0293 Posts: 34 Member
    great progress! Well done!
  • ErinK09
    ErinK09 Posts: 687 Member
    Awesome job!
  • rebeccaEsmith
    rebeccaEsmith Posts: 1,136 Member
    I don't use the scale to indicate a loss I measure myself once a month and I can see that I am shrinking. Works for me.
  • jrek521
    jrek521 Posts: 25 Member
    Thanks, everyone!
  • sofaking6
    sofaking6 Posts: 4,589 Member
    That's fantastic - thanks for the reminder about what the REAL goal of this process is, ie not the number on the scale!
  • pjcfrancis
    pjcfrancis Posts: 121 Member
    Sometimes my scale doesn't move so I look carefully at the fat/lean percentages and notice that I've got more lean and less fat. As long as I continue to keep the calorie deficit and do my exercise, it's all good. Plus I feel better all the time!
  • Kiku10
    Kiku10 Posts: 66 Member
    That's amazing! How did you determine your fat loss percentage?