Fitbit Charge HR or???

Hi all,

So, with the fitness bug truly grabbing me and being a bit of a tech head, I would like to buy a fitness tracking wristband with a built in heart monitor, (not with a chest strap), and I was looking at the FitBit Charge HR which looks great but is quite pricey at 120 quid!

So, before I take the plunge I thought I would ask you guys what you would recommend as you are likely far more experienced than me in this area!

Thanks in advance.

By the way, I would look to use it alongside my Sony xperia Z2 smartphone...


  • jrline
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    I am thinking that is what I am gonna get. I have a Garmin GPS watch I love for racing with but does not track steps.
  • makelemonade14
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    I've had mine since Tuesday, and will be returning it. I've read reviews like crazy, and they are all over the place so I figured it wouldn't hurt to just try it myself. I have found that the HRM just isn't accurate enough. It takes a couple minutes of working out before it seems to catch on that I'm actually working out (even when I push the button to tell it I'm going to start.) Once I'm going, the HRM seems accurate enough for my steady elliptical workout. If I vary the intensity of my workout, there's a long enough delay in the fitbit catching my HR change that I'm not satisfied.

    I thought I would like the all day HRM, but honestly it's a novelty. It doesn't actually give me any useful information. I'm going to go back to my fitbit flex for step counting (that data is useful for judging my general activity level from day to day) and sleep tracking. I'm trying to pick out a HRM for use during exercise. I did find the HR information very motivating for my workouts, so want an accurate way to use that and have a watch display of it.
  • boredfatman
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    thank you for this, very useful reply. Perhaps I should get one that tracks activity more than heart rate. Maybe just the standard Charge...
  • jaz050465
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    Take a look at the Garmin vivifit and the Polar loop. Does strps and you can then add on the chest strap to monitor HR for exercise.