I need some help!

I am looking to lose about 90lb and I know in my mind what I have to do to get there. One of my best friends is getting married in November in Mexico and I would really like to lose as much weight as I can before then so I can feel comfortable in my own skin.

I know I won't be able to lose all of it by any means, but I would like to make a good dent in my weight loss journey in the next 9 months.

My main problem is not exercise, I do a lot of it and pretty high intensity stuff. My problem is food, willpower and portion sizes. And I work shift work. What I need from everyone here is just little tips and tricks that you have used to make the transition to healthier eating, avoid getting take out and just generally make the process a little bit easier.

Any little tidbit will help me!

Thanks in advance.

Mer :)


  • Liftng4Lis
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    Caloric deficit equals weight loss. Go get it!
  • KariFreeman2
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    I started with small things like packing a lunch, then I added more water, then more fruits and veggies, ect. I made sure I felt comfortable with each change and then added a little more. I have went from 315 to 250 in the last year. I still have a long way to go but I can sustain this lifestyle. Just make sure whoever you do that you can sustain it for the long haul. Oh and my biggest hurdle in the beginning was learning to forgive myself. So what u have a bad meal choice learn from it and move on. Because there is always another meal coming where u can practice self control and portion sizes
  • fmw1985
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    Thanks for the suggestions so far :) I have lost weight before, but my emotional situation was WAY different then so I am a little lost now.
  • delex329
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    Kari right one day at a time, forgive for weakness but learn and move on. Set small goals. Biggest think it takes planning ,I too work shift work plus have to avoid bad stuff people bring in to share. Working in the healthcare you would think that we eat better but don't. Please add me if you need any encouragement.
  • Bugdude54
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    You have to want it. If your reason is the wedding then focus on the wedding as the goal. Make yourself want it bad enough and it won't be as hard.

    Sometimes i have to do shift work as well 12hr shifts. I pack my own lunch. I weigh everything I pack. I only eat what I brought. I space the meals out over my shift so I don't eat it all in one sitting. I bring multiple bags of single serving things like carrots or broccoli or nuts. That way I know exactly what goes in.

    Most of all is to stay focused. Like you said you have 9 months. Make every day count. 2lbs a week is 72 lbs in 9 months. Heck even if you manage to drop just 40 lbs how great you'll feel
  • fmw1985
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    Thanks :) I do pretty good while I am at work cause I always bring my own food, it's when I am super tired after work that I tend to mess up a lot. Sometimes it is because I didn't bring enough to eat, but most of the time the evil little part of my brain just says, "don't eat what you brought, stop at ________________ on the way home!" I give in to that little voice too often.