What a 70lb weight loss looks like on a 5'8" 54yr old female!

I've lost about 70lbs in the past year. I'm a 5'8", 54 yr old female. I was fighting several autoimmune diseases that was attacking my entire body and had made weight loss extremely difficult. I became deaf in one ear, lost even more of my eyesight, had digestive issues, loss of cognition, memory loss, extreme fatigue and depression. I was on over a dozen prescriptions. The doctors were clueless, so I decided to change the things I could. I wanted to improve my nutrition, drop my weight, improve my fitness and continue to investigate my health issues. It's been an eventful year. I've made progress on all of my goals. I feel incredible! 80% has been due to diet and exercise, and I can't recommend MyFitnessPal enough. My starting weight was over 235 and I'm currently at 164.5 @ 25% body fat. I'm still a work in progress; I plan to lose an additional 15 lbs and lower my body fat to about 20%. Here's what 70lbs looks like! (You'll also see the before and after of our home remodel).


  • flumi_f
    flumi_f Posts: 1,888 Member
    Awesome job! You really did turn your life around. Well done!
    You look like a totally different person!
  • poppysierra
    poppysierra Posts: 79 Member
    You look absolutely fabulous (and the remodel looks good too!) Sarahx
  • wishiwasarunner
    wishiwasarunner Posts: 202 Member
    Many autoimmune issues have some improvement with a healthier diet and exercise. I hope you are feeling that sort of improvement as well as what you definitely see in the mirror and in your kitchen. Congrats!
  • Liftng4Lis
    Liftng4Lis Posts: 15,150 Member
    Awesome work!
  • hippygirl325
    hippygirl325 Posts: 223 Member
    Looks amazing!
  • Tory1963
    Tory1963 Posts: 2 Member
    This is just what I needed to see today! I am a 52 y/o woman and was hoping to see a success story in my age range. You are my inspiration to continue on the right track. Thank you! and wow....you look amazing!
  • queenliz99
    queenliz99 Posts: 15,317 Member
    Nice!! you look terrific!!
  • ruperthumphrey
    ruperthumphrey Posts: 195 Member
    You look fantastic! Thank you for sharing!
  • znaoiec
    znaoiec Posts: 1,984 Member
    You look amazing. Thanks for sharing!
  • blankiefinder
    blankiefinder Posts: 3,599 Member
    Amazing loss! You look great, and happy! Congrats on your transformation. Love the kitchen remodel too btw :D
  • sapphire641
    sapphire641 Posts: 20 Member
    Congratulations...you look amazing!!!
  • coueswhitetail
    coueswhitetail Posts: 309 Member
    You go girl!! Thanks for sharing your transformation to help motivate others!
  • Holla4mom
    Holla4mom Posts: 587 Member
    You took off 70 pounds and many years!! You gained a huge beautiful smile. Well done! And your kitchen is lovely too!
  • larryc0923
    larryc0923 Posts: 557 Member
    Wow, you look marvelous!!
  • debubbie
    debubbie Posts: 767 Member
    Awesome job!
  • Emi1974
    Emi1974 Posts: 522 Member
    Congratulations :) amazing work
  • Lnature71
    Lnature71 Posts: 84 Member
    Thanks for sharing such an inspiring story. You look awesome!
  • smondloch
    smondloch Posts: 7 Member
    Wow! In 1 year... Way to go! It took me 4 years.
  • cleback
    cleback Posts: 261 Member
    whoo hoo!! Great job!
  • tandabuss
    tandabuss Posts: 18 Member
    Wow. I really am inspired. (I'm at your SW now and it feels like I have a huge mountain in front of me to climb.
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