What a 70lb weight loss looks like on a 5'8" 54yr old female!

I've lost about 70lbs in the past year. I'm a 5'8", 54 yr old female. I was fighting several autoimmune diseases that was attacking my entire body and had made weight loss extremely difficult. I became deaf in one ear, lost even more of my eyesight, had digestive issues, loss of cognition, memory loss, extreme fatigue and depression. I was on over a dozen prescriptions. The doctors were clueless, so I decided to change the things I could. I wanted to improve my nutrition, drop my weight, improve my fitness and continue to investigate my health issues. It's been an eventful year. I've made progress on all of my goals. I feel incredible! 80% has been due to diet and exercise, and I can't recommend MyFitnessPal enough. My starting weight was over 235 and I'm currently at 164.5 @ 25% body fat. I'm still a work in progress; I plan to lose an additional 15 lbs and lower my body fat to about 20%. Here's what 70lbs looks like! (You'll also see the before and after of our home remodel).


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