any people that need to lose a LARGE amount of weight?



  • rubenveee
    rubenveee Posts: 12 Member
    If so don't be shy you can have a friend & support here. <3

    Hello my names ruben im looking for support and others going through a similar objective and im trying to loose about 60 pounds and im down 6 pounds since last monday how about you guys :smile:
  • kaitlynzwolenik22
    Yes! Let's all support each other <3
  • sunderdue
    sunderdue Posts: 1 Member
    I need to lose weight at least 75 pounds
  • normarm90
    I am 25 and weigh 300 lbs. I need it all gone and have nobody to partner with on this desperately needed journey !
  • katieshaffer26
    katieshaffer26 Posts: 7 Member
    I need to lose 70 pounds!
  • gabem73
    gabem73 Posts: 1 Member
    Starting up again and need to loose 50 lb . Feeling really bad because I had lost a 100 and gained back 33 .
  • lia070177
    Hey, i am Lia. & I need to lose a lot of weight it is kind of embarrassing for me to say it. I don't really have any support and it's been really hard on me.
  • thata85
    thata85 Posts: 4 Member
    ✋ me
  • gwyndol
    gwyndol Posts: 11 Member
    I've lost 37 and need to lose about 80 more! I'm always open to support, and I'm happy to support others when they need it!
  • juggalettekitty1
    I need to lose over 100 pounds. I've been large my entire life and I can't take it anymore. I am looking for friends/help/support.
  • DBHox92
    DBHox92 Posts: 3 Member
    edited February 2015
    I'm looking to lose 89lbs :\ But can't seem to find/get the motivation to do so!! :(
  • jabroniw
    jabroniw Posts: 1 Member
    I've been using MFP for a year now and have lost 107 lbs so far. I need to lose about 250 more. I've gotten to where I now use a stationary bike twice a day, and I am already becoming more active. I want to, no I WILL hit my goal by this time next year!
  • jer1993
    jer1993 Posts: 254 Member
    I have lost 140 pounds so far, got around 30 pounds left! This last part is the toughest yet! The less I weigh the more I want to eat!! X
  • dkswienton
    dkswienton Posts: 1 Member
    I also lost 20lbs and working still. I have found this amazing product called Isagenix and I would love to be your coach. Check out this will be your jump start!
  • sorayachaii
    I need to lose the 70 lbs that I gained in one year :(
  • tinyguts
    tinyguts Posts: 136 Member
    On my way to losing 36 lbs that I've lost before but gained back living on my own! Anyone feel free to send me a friend request! :blush:
  • NewBeginningBren
    NewBeginningBren Posts: 36 Member
    If so don't be shy you can have a friend & support here. <3

    Yes. I'd like to lose 110lbs. I'm currently 264,abs was just diagnosed as type 2 diabetic a week ago.
  • whitetiger30
    whitetiger30 Posts: 7 Member
    Hiya Hopefully gonna shift 110lb looking for people for help/support/friends feel free to f/r me
  • miket71
    miket71 Posts: 382 Member
    Me!!! I have lost around 20lbs and would like to drop another 50 or so! I need all the help and friends that I can get! If anyone on here is willing to help motivate and support me, please add me and I will do the same.
  • jache69
    I need to lose 124 lbs. I only started yesterday and will need some friends along the way. I don't know how to request friends yet but any hints and tips would be very gratefully received. Good luck everyone on your journeys xxx