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Anyone Had Some Success Combining Weight Loss Programs?

thedarkwombatthedarkwombat Member Posts: 123 Member Member Posts: 123 Member
When i say programs I mean diet types, etc.

In particular, i was thinking of combining Intermittent fasting (skipping breakfast, which controls my hunger throughout the day), Low carb lunch (which also helps with hunger) and a regular meal of carbs at night, all while counting calories here on myfitnesspal and drinking enough water daily.

I recently had some success with low carb and dropped a quick 10 pounds but seem to be in a 2 week stall.


  • HornsbyHornsby Member Posts: 10,372 Member Member Posts: 10,372 Member
    Sounds fine to me. Just sounds like a balanced diet if you do it right. I hope there are some snacks in between those two meals though or those meals are pretty large.
  • af_wife2004af_wife2004 Member Posts: 149 Member Member Posts: 149 Member
    I've found a lot more success using the to help set my calories and macros. My meal pre-planning for the day is a little like playing tetris, but I'm not hungry, my body feels better, I have more energy, and I'm losing on average of 1.3 lbs per week.
  • JoliniaJolinia Member Posts: 848 Member Member Posts: 848 Member
    I do low carb and IF together. Sometimes IF ADF, sometimes 5:2, and sometimes I just eat once a day. The low carb makes the IF much easier. I found it pretty impossible before.
  • TheSatinPumpkinTheSatinPumpkin Member Posts: 955 Member Member Posts: 955 Member
    With the appetite suppression i get from DANDR i typically have One Meal A Day using foods from DANDR. Added more meals in though since i am closer to my goal and entering maintenance.
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  • ar9179ar9179 Member Posts: 374 Member Member Posts: 374 Member
    I use 18/6 IF to control calories (and I've never been an early morning eater), low carb/high fat for satiety, lots of vegetables, weigh and track food to stay in a caloric deficit at around 1400-1600. I like the TDEE -20% formula for weightless so exercise calories are a non-issue.

    The scale moved up and down between 2 lbs for a month but I was going down in clothing size. I've just had a 6.5 lb whoosh in the last week, though. Guess my muscles are finally releasing the fluid from gym time.
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