Losing Weight Not Inches

Its driving me crazy. I've lost 24 pounds, but I haven't lost more than 3 inches from my stomach, which happened about 15 pounds ago. Anyone else have this issue? What did you do for it?


  • af_wife2004
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    Are you doing a lot of abdominal workouts? Do you have much to lose from your stomach area?
  • Paperchains38
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    I have this same problem i have gone down one and half clothing size (UK24 to a UK22 and sometimes a UK20) since i have lost 45 lb (most of it before starting with MFP) and the same pair of trousers have been tight even though i have lost another 13 lb since i managed to get into in the first place. I was hoping that someone would post about this so that i could, maybe, find out what might be going on. Although i have noticed some places that i don't or can not measures seem slightly smaller and less flabby so maybe i am losing off these places and the rest will follow.
  • kozinskey
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    Is your stomach the only thing you're measuring? You might see more progress if you measure your thighs, bust, arms, neck, etc. Also, are you exercising? Muscle takes up less space than fat so building up muscle can help with inches even when the scale isn't moving.
  • wkwebby
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    Your body will decide where it loses the fat. So you may want it gone from your midsection, but it may actually be coming off of your arms, legs, or chest area instead.
  • Iceprincessk25
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    I wish I had this problem. I always lose inches but the scale doesn't budge. :)
  • rebeccaEsmith
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    I'm the complete opposite I'm losing inches but not weight so frustrating :#
  • meritage4
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    OP You HAVE lost inches from your tummy-just not as many or as fast as you would like. 3 inches off tummy is great!

    As for dropping sizes-it seems the bigger the size-the more weight that must be lost between sizes Like size 24 to 22 takes a large amount of weight loss but a 12 to 10 is comparably a much smaller weight loss.
  • Ready2Rock206
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    I haven't lost any inches yet - so you're doing better than me (down 50lbs). I mean obviously I must be from somewhere but not from any of the places I measure.
  • kandell
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    Everyone sheds inches differently. I lose from my ribcage first, which sucks because that's not an area I really care about -.-

    Hang in there!
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    I wouldnt complain... Thats wonderful